Friday, March 30, 2012

how do you step from the top of a 100 pole?

Respect pays back, even if it does indirectly but the fact of the matter it pays back. There is expression that says “charity begins at home”, this skill anyone may acquire from the parents either family at an early stages. But sometimes may be because of disorganised family or parents some individuals fail to obtain charity and this makes very difficult to regain at later stages. Education also plays a key role in empowering individuals about respect, but this depends on flexibility and adaptation of an individual’s to such an environment.
This is a great disastrous challenge to individuals when it comes to leadership positions. When an individual is having such position tend to lack humanity and disrespect even people who made him to be what he/she is today. Looking at expelled ANCYL President Julius Malema and disrespect that he has shown not only South Africa but across the world as well, this has marked his downfall to South African political arena. For him it was great opportunity to be on leadership position without well education as comparing today youth of which the majority is well educated.
Malema should have left the non comparison legacy through to his lack of education and this will be proven by youth as well that education does not guaranteed success, but strength may be used for success. But due to his lack of discipline as well lack of political education has resulted to gun down his career which could be the end of the road. #smed12

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Man need to change their stereotype attitudes.

As the time goes, things are also subjected to change than before. Before some of things were very simple but currently it’s little bite hard as compare before. It was just like cultures before whereby a man could be have a child out of his marriage and wife would have to accept and understand as social norm. There was also possibility that a man may have wives as much he wants depending to the wealthy of his family and rich family was not money but livestock.

Today it’s not easily as we are faced with many diseases such as HIV/AIDS which makes impossible to other ethnic groups to practices their culture. But believe me that there are still people who do acknowledge the presents of HIV/AIDS virus. I do not know weather this habit has got something to do with their culture or belief with forefathers who had more than one wives. This is very estranging behavior as most wife trust their husband only to find that husband has pregnanted someone outside.

The wife will be frustrated of course, because she has to think how many women do his husband sleeping with them without using condom. She will conclude with many questions, what about my status, must I go on with such unholy marriage full with lack of trust. How I am going to explain this to my family. #smed12.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

We are what we do The Africa National Congress is a national liberation movement. It was formed in 1912to unite the African people and organize the struggle for basic political, social and economic change. For ten decades the ANC has led the struggle against racism and oppression, organising mass resistance, mobilising the international community and taking up the armed struggle against apartheid. The ANC achieved a significant democratic breakthrough in the 1994 elections, where it was given a firm mandate to negotiate a new democratic Constitution for South Africa. The new Constitution was adopted in 1996. The ANC was re elected in 1999 to national and provincial government with a greater than before mandate. The policies of the ANC are determined by its membership and its leadership is held responsible to the membership. Membership of the ANC is open to all South Africans above the age of 18 years, irrespective of race, colour and creed, who accept its principles, policies and programmes. The ANC`s key objective is the creation of a united, non racial, non sexist and democratic society. This means the liberation of Africans in particular and black people in general from political and economic oppression. It means inspiring the quality of life of all South Africans, especially the poor. The struggle to achieve this objective is called the National Democratic Revolution. #smed12.

It’s very hard to be woman than man.

I have observed several things outside and see a lot of surprises, but in all I have come up with conclusion that I am better to be man. But sometimes I feel sorry to my sisters as well because they also face the same challenges I have eye witnessed. There are woman who are very ambitious, full with aspiration but have chosen wrong relationships. I talking about woman who went back to school to further their education to in order have a better living, but those entire attempts and dreams are being shuttered. When the woman is in the middle of the semester she is pregnancy, now tell me don’t this man see that this woman is studying and is delaying her to complete her studies. Most woman find very difficult to complete their studies on time and some of them do not even achieve their goals. Some woman visit their love ones while they are imprisonment for years after the guy is out, is no longer interested on that affair. But anyway I feel sorry for you.#smed12

Thursday, March 15, 2012

We are afraid of the wrong things.

Almost every people are able to do whatever others might think they cannot do. Most people who are well known for doing wrong things thought others cannot, there are best to do wrong things. We all they look the same but differ the way we think, we do things, otherwise everyone can be wrong if that is case. The point is too able to control yourself, to be patient, and to think before you take decisions. Even those who told them that to survive they depend on committing crime, but at some stage fear develops. Everyone has fears, but our hearts are not the same as well. There are people who have strong heart, who are willing to force things for the way they wanted must be. But still anyone may do that; it’s the way someone feels like what about my name. In some situation anyone may feel like those who were involved have no remorse for what they did, it is not. But they were under the impression to do that on that particular situation. We all afraid of the wrong things.#smed12.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

South Africa is a diverse culture

We need to remind each when it comes to cultures, There is a tendency of undermining other people‘s cultures. Actually this is commonly used by Xhosa speaking here in the Western Cape. I am also a Xhosa guy but I have observed this happening in many areas and sometimes people will end up fighting. Truly speaking the Xhosa guy has a problem when it comes to circumcision, a process of being a man according to the culture.
This kind of behaviour undermines other ethnic group who does not go or do this culture, as the results Xhosa’s are calling other ethnic groups as boys, inkwenkwe. They do not respect the fact that it’s not their culture. This is happening even at work places where they call young managers as boys, we cannot be manager by boys. At some stage this affects the careers, people being face disciplinary procedures for disrespecting other people cultures; others are serving long sentences in prisons.
I do not know whether this is the way to respect this culture or people feel like they are very strong enough than others. I feel like we as Xhosa’s we tend to more stereotyped.#smed12.

Friday, March 9, 2012

What’s great a disappointment?

I was looking for better job, so I bought a newspaper for purposes of checking career times. I have seen vacancies for fire fighters and requirements were only grade 12, SA identity document. I attempt to apply and fortunately I was shortlisted for the interview and attended.
After the interview we were told that a physically fitness test will be conducted and specific dates were also given and venue, Langa fire Station. I have managed to do and passed all the activities that we were expected to accomplish in order to qualify for the job. Those who passed were told to wait for their phone calls next week and I was among them.
By then I was working as shelve packer at Shoprite stores, I told myself now I have a job. I decided to resign before receiving a phone call. On that phone call week, I did n’t want anyone to disturb me over the phone because, I was waiting for a very important phone call. As from Monday to Friday waiting for the phone call, receive no phone call. The following week I did not what to do, because I had a fear to go and ask why they did’t call me. I thought what if I see the guys that we were together being employed, maybe I did make it but how. I was really confused. After I had stressed and lose also weight. I was completely wrong, till today I really hate fire fighters.#smed12

Fish falling from the sky.

This may be a miracle in South Africa, but no one who may dispute that because we believe in geologist research aspect that they do take places. However may some people believe that in order to enhance their education? Most of us we were told at school that earth rotate. There are many aspect of the phenomenon we were told, like force of gravity.
But according to geologists everything is possible; fish may fall from the sky during tornadoes. If the wind is high and hit above sea level, this may influence the water velocity to travel a long distance. If anyone can still remember tsunami which left thousands of people injured, thousands missing and hundreds of thousands homeless in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
How did tsunami started, geologists has explained that the sea water moves back to centre of the sea, apparently people seeing the open space and went deeper to the sea. Sea water comes at high speed, hot and hit everything on that area. It is possible that fish may fly from a long distance because of wing speed and someone who does not know of what is going on will say fishes are falling from the sky.#smed12.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What is the colour of the wind?

I remember when I was still young, I thought the colour of the wind is blue. I could not even differentiate between wind and air. But when I started at school its when I realised that the wind does not have colour, taste, smell, cannot be seen. Its also when I realised that there is different between the two.
Wind is characterised by storms, earthquakes, noise,etc. Indeed wind have got power, miracles, does do live things. The power of wind is blowing forcefully, damaging everything on earth. Wind causes a destruction of nature which resulted to dead of the people.
Wind have got a sound, which causes fears and unhappiness. There are barriers no to stop the wind, the wind comes in different directions and is named according to its direction. We have northerly wind, easterly wind, westerly wind, southerly wind. The wind sometimes is hot, which causes a lack of interest to everything we call that as Berg wind, is very dangerous more especial to people who are working outside.#smed12

A good leader

A good leader as well as keeping the main goal in focus is able to think analytically. Not only does a good leader view a situation as a whole, but is able to break it down into sub parts for closer inspection. Not only is the goal in view but a good leader can break it down into manageable steps and make progress towards it.
A good leader is committed to excellence. Second best does not lead to success. The good leader not only maintains high standards, but also is proactive in raising the bar in order to achieve excellence in all areas.
These seven personal characteristics are foundational to good leadership. Some characteristics may be more naturally present in the personality of a leader. However, each of these characteristics can also be developed and strengthened. A good leader whether they naturally possess these qualities or not, will be diligent to consistently develop and strengthen them in their leadership role.#smed12.

How hard is to follow instructions?

This is really very difficult to do, but at some stage you are bounded by rules which force you to do so. I remember when I was working as security guard in one of these shopping centres. It was as early as January 1999 when I was employed by one Security Company and I was instructed that I will perfume my duties in Shop rite stores. I have to do proper searching to customers, management, as well as stuff.

I have got many challenges from the customers as well to stuff. Anyway I did not expect to get challenges from stuff thinking that they should have known why I should search them. I also failed to answer questions that was asked to me by customers, like why I are you searching me? Do I look like theft? Eventually I ended up failing to take those instructions. The management from that store writes a report about that I am no longer doing what expect from me so they are longer interested on my service and if they do not make any changes they terminate the contract.

The next day I was called to report to their office for hearing. The findings of the hearing I was found guilty by failing to comply with the job description which was presented to me. A final written warning was given to me. I mean failing to follow instructions may put your career into risk. #smed12

The greatest pain in life.

I was 21 years old doing grade 10 in Eastern Cape Province, 1996. To me by then everything was new in the sense that, I had a new relationship and new at high school level. I was so impressed to such an extent that my relationship was known even by my parents, sisters as well friends. After two years in this hot relationship at that time I was in grade 12, by June month I went to East London for school holiday.

While I was in holiday my love was even worse through letter communication system which by then was very effectively, reliable and efficiently. Back at school after the holiday is over. In October month I was busy preparing the exams for the final and my girlfriend was aware although she was in grade 11. Just one before I write the first paper, I have seen her busy kissing the guy that I could not even think of him. I just collapse, I wanted to give up. When I confronted her she felt like oh sorry, sorry. #smed12.

Remembering my days at High School level (Tyali s.s.s.)

I had worked about 20 kilometres for three years Monday to Friday during those dark days, raining or not. I did not have a choice because it was only school that was very close to me, and I was not the only one. The high school was in the centre of almost all villages surrounding the area. The principal have the tendency of closing the school gates for those late comers, it was estranged.

What I have observed today, children do no want to go school, i just imagine how we have struggled to get matriculated, others have decided to abandon school. But others have managed under those conditions. What disappoint me now, government is providing transport to assists disadvantages areas, but children do not want to go to school. Ever since we call South Africa as a democratic country,education did not improve,no discipline at school at all.

I should think we need to launch a campaign to address issues regarding education and live video which will show how former students have managed to obtain and achieve their matric.#smed12.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What goes around comes around

Before 1994 white people could not think that things will change. I mean it was like for them there were born to be superiors, we as blacks born to serve under them. After 1994 it was the year of change to all South Africans.

There were places where blacks were not even allowed, written as whites only. It was estranged.
The release of former president Nelson Mandela from prison was start of change, which leads to the suffering of others whites and some of them decided to leave South Africa to Europe. Today whites are realizing that South Africa belong to all who leave in it.

We are now suffering together, whites or black, we all now neighbours for each other. #smed12.