Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Friend

fungopher.com There is an expression that says “a friend in need is a friend in deed.” This is a really person that you may need him or her when you really in trouble. But within the friendship there are also friends who pretend as if they are your friends as well. Their friendship is to use you to gain or for their personal gain. This is not the friendship to help you rather than to destruct and to make grapevines about you or vampires. This is just the friendship to fool you. Once you are in trouble there are the ones who spread the news as if they are wishing to succeed. These kinds of people would bring gossip from different people just to confuse you. They are very efficient in getting gossip and they even contradict themselves. This type of person is very effective to intrusion their noise to other people’s business, is always have something to say not about him but other people. As a person you need to be selective, treat them all as your friends, but you must have your own secrete. There are very dangerous people who may make your life difficult, because they are catapult whatever step you are taking to make news. We need to get a precisely word that describes this kind of people, because is not a friend.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The stupid belief

I have got colleague of mine who is also a friend, he find it very difficult to drive a car. He makes me laugh on the other day when we were coming from Gugulethu and were bit drunk and he was driving. He is type of person who believes that there is no other person who can drive his car; he is the main man to drive. In the intersection from the robots while he was yielding for the incoming vehicles, a big truck was coming 500m away from the intersection. I thought he was waiting for this truck to pass, while the truck was very close, he drove forward. We were four in the car and I was sitting in front, we all scream but fortunately the driver of the truck was able to control the truck not to run over the car. After we survived, a police van followed us and stops the car. The three police officers get off and tell the driver he looks drunk. Fortunately I knew all of this police officer. They say they are not going to arrest him, but one policeman he is going to drive this car and escort us to home. The car owner refused and said no one who is going to drive his car. The police told him that he is drunk and is not suppose to drive. We also please him to keep quiet otherwise is going to be arrested. The police decided to arrest him; they lock him in the van to police station. He was charged for drink and driving and bailed the next day for R500.00.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Every day is a good day

sldownload.net This is only applicable when the environment favours such individual, I therefore not agree with the topic. This is usually happens where someone is having a hope of getting something or new job. When such an individual is first starting to work may be coming from school have no many problems and may have time to enjoy his/her salary. At the same time such person does not have financial problems and unnecessary shops accounts. Also such person is able to go out at anytime of the month and such an extent that his/her bank account is always have money, not only on pay day. Sometime every day is a good day when someone enters to a new relationship, everything is hot, and no problem has arisen so far. Situations like that change everything complete, such person may not even feel the day either the weather is cold or either time. This is the kind of environment where a person sees things only black and white or green colours only. It’s when someone sees him/her controlling everything on earth and always thinks nothing is impossible for him/her. Do not see him/her as failure in life.

Friday, June 1, 2012


I have gone through all challenges during my early stages and I sometimes feel like the current generation life for them is very comfortable. When I thinking back in 1980’s where almost all families were practising agriculture, ploughing became a traditional norm and every family should take up on ploughing as a community practise. This is one of the difficult task ever I had performed, I mean waking up early 04h00 in the morning preparing cattle for ploughing to the field or garden and what is worse this is done without no pay. After ploughing certain part of the field for the day, you are still expected to go to school. I mean ploughing was understood even by teachers, there is be no excuse for not attending school because of ploughing. Teachers by then understand that ploughing was contributing a lot to fight poverty and alleviation. This practice is continually, as after ploughing, planting need to follow then cultivation of seeds and lastly harvesting. At the same time, you will be expected to be a Sheppard of livestock farming. While teachers were non-stop to making sure discipline is maintained and late coming was not tolerated. Parents encourage corporal punishment to be used as one of disciplinary procedures. I was coping.

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses.

After many brutal murders of South Africans by left wing apartheid police and harsh policies to suppress blacks during the apartheid government, eventually African national congress has won the battle and South Africa became the democratic country. The first black democratic government was elected in 1994. South Africans have managed to fight for oppression and achieve their goals, which was to cast their ballot paper and elect their government. All South Africans mostly young or old at all spheres have contributed a lot to fight for struggle against oppression and to improve better life for all. The really problem now lies with comrades who went for exile; they have got a perception that there are the only ones, who brought this democracy. Those who are in power tend to forget about the people on ground, as if they contributed nothing to bring this democracy they enjoying today, even positions they hold to represent and delivery for the people on ground. I mean they are being mandated by the same people. I think this is the weakness point of politicians. People on the ground decide and give a mandate and deploy such an individual to delivery to them, but they always do the other way around. Most of them they always implicated with fraud and corruption and this resulted to our leaders being jailed to prisons.