Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The government should regulate the private legal representative
The government should intervene to protect its citizens to the practice of private lawyers. What I have observed is that, private laws do not have a standard fee, the lawyers just charge its client depending on the outlook or the business conduct or job the client is performing. Unlike doctors where someone may even ask someone else the consultation fees. In this field criminal law, lawyers do not have a standard fee. The fee will be determined by the standard of work or business conduct. Since my job involves attending courts, I have observed this kind of habit, seeing lawyer asking big amounts of money. On top of that, the lawyer has other clients as well, when the lawyer postponed the case for the next court date, the lawyer expect his/her client to pay such day but the lawyer has postponed the case due the fact that he/ she is going to attend another matter, isn’t cruelty. Why the client pay but the lawyer had postponed the matter himself. I feel like this needs government to take into consideration. Our people are being overcharged and punished for not being the lawyers.

My Case study for risk management

Department of Correctional services core business is the safety custodian of criminals. Since South African prison system has been transformed after 1994 to correctional facility centres. Department of Correctional services has develop a rehabilitation programmes to assists these offenders to change their attitudes and behaviours in order to be accepted back by their societies, after expiring of their sentences or during the remission period of their sentences which might results to be release in custody and go back to the community. Although these rehabilitation programmes are not feasible to be done by correctional services alone, this department is partnering with various community stakeholders which includes churches, NGO’s, Association, government and so on. These programmes are educational which helps offenders to gain various life orientation skills as well as challenges that are faced by society. These programmes prepare offenders during their release to do something for at least to make a change in their community and to better their living. At the same time, South Africa is faced with overcrowding correctional centres, whilst department of Correctional services is facing with community challenges which includes, the rejection of offenders by community who has been released from custody, either the offender has finished to saved the prison term, or either the offender has been considered to be released out on parole, due to positive attitudes, or positive signs of rehabilitees. The department is under attack or a public outcry that correctional services and government is failing community and pose their life in danger. Society members do not want even to associate themselves with an ex-offender. There is a lack of trust, as community regards that person as risk person to remain among with them. Although family members might accept him/her, but society at large as well as victim of crime do not want to see. This is really a challenge to correctional services to have a plan for offenders before their release

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The last lecture,
It was one of the best classes I ever had in Public Relations 2012, in corporate communication. I mean out of five B-tech subjects I am doing right now, four of them were about corporate communication. I felt like why the programme should not start about corporate communications from the beginning. It was one of the topic that I would even relate to the currently projects that most organisation are doing including my organisation. Basically, I have even understood more about the course content, what Public Relation course entails. This lecture has broadened my understanding and makes easily to do application. Just to share some of the experience that I have gain during this lecture, I am working for Department of Correctional Services; there are many community projects that the department is participation to make a change to poor societies. One may ask a question what is the department is gaining in return, since the department is rehabilitating offenders, it empowers them with skills and development, these offenders are there ones who are doing this projects to community where they have committed serious crimes, this enhances them during their released to be able to be accepted back to their communities irrespective of their past behaviours and as rehabilitated people.

If presented with the opportunity to get a message to a large group of people, what would your message be? Is it possible to lie without saying a word?
This would be one of the marvellous things that I might regards as an honour to me, I mean addressing a large group of people would be grace to me. This will serves to substantiate to my career as well, as Public Relations professional. Addressing large audience is everyone’s dreams. This is not an easy task indeed, but as professional that will be very important to know what areas will interest your audience. As a communicator, it will be also very interesting to be persuasive; sharing information that you know it will attract them to pay more attention. The most interesting speeches, is to criticise government poor service delivery, lack of job opportunities, corrupt government official and so on. Even the priests, before they deliver the message they first condemn government. Looking at politicians during the ceremonies, there is little that they address about the main objectives of the ceremony, mostly they attack each other on currently social issues. One might say that, that is how politicians mostly communicate, they use such an event for thier political interests.

I am an African
This topic reminds former ANC leader and former state of the nation President Thabo Mbeki. I will always think of him as a preferred candidate, who have left unforgetten legacy which includes NEPAD, African renaincence, African leadership school and etc. I rememder him when he said that, Africa needs to open a leadership school whereby identified future leaders would be referred to the academy to be developed and attain leadership skills. The aim of the leadership school was to create platforms for dialogue to promote the birth of a continental movement driven by a new cadre of thought leaders committed to Africa’s political, social and economic regeneration. This will serve and strive to provide a credible platform to help ensure that the African voice on African issues is heard and respected both on African as a continent and elsewhere in the world. Former President Mbeki had the strong vision for the continent as a whole, it was not only about South Africa. I am an African, I salute !!!!!!!.

The statute of limitation has expired on most of our childhood trauma.,
During growth stage as a child, there are restricted things towards you. The parents are still giving you instruction of which you are expected to obey them. For instance, coming home at night is totally not acceptable. The parents at this stage can tell you as child what must you do, when, why, with who, where and how. As child you are under control of them. This is there time when parents have visions, plans about your future; therefore they are building you towards as a future manhood. All those goals they could not fulfilled or meet, due to the difficulties they went through, could be positioned towards their future manhood to enjoy these benefits. Failure to follow the parent’s instruction at this age is disastrous to child life. This is the beginning of human life journey, missing this point would take such child no where in life. It is the stage whereby parents will develop you as their future child product. Parents will feel prestigious and proud of you.

Of all forms of courage is the ability to laugh au.
Whenever there is something wrong or sad mood in a particular place, the environment will only change after inspiration words has been uttered. Usually this happens during the accident or death of a person. This kind of environment brings frustration to thefamily, friends or colleagues, but after few days when family and relatives gather together to accept the current situation. This will normally calm the situation as these people talk about; this usually led to laughing of them as these people will share some funny things might this person was doing. Mostly this happened during memorial services coordinated by a priest who tries to calm the family by inspiring words from the bible. These words open spaces from the heart and give hope to relatives, friends as well as colleagues who are unfortunately lost their individual. This makes these people to simple understand death is uncontrollable, when an individual’s name has been called is done and that would not change and when time is ripe everyone will be called.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Only bad things happen quickly.
I do not really agree with this topic. Good things are also happening very quickly, but the problem is that good things are not making news. Most news reporting that makes interest to the people is bad things. People are looking for negative things out of you. They want to know what wrong things you busy doing, that’s what makes interesting. Take for instance the news headlines, most news headline are there to attract the news readers, to buy newspapers. There will be no interesting news if the reporting is about good things; people are not interested on that. News basically is targeting negativity most and search more information in details for the purposes of making new worth and informs the public. Check people when they gossip, they are not talking about good things; gossip is mostly about bad things that are spreading very quickly. Bad things are very quickly to be spread, because they are easily spread to hollow an individual’s reputation.

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid I have learned that as person is very important to be yourself, rather be bold. Do not rely to other people, do not trust anyone, rather be yourself. Especial when someone is taking personal decision, whereby if the outcomes for your decision could be not on your side, therefore you don’t blame anyone instead yourself. I should think also, this would make you strong, or give more inspirations. In most cases things like these happens between the love couples, once a relationship is not in good terms, people failed to take personal decisions. Later tend to point fingers to others. I think this is a bad habit. Do not seek any advices related to your personal decisions, because the merits might not be same although it is same problem. It might work or either way might not work. It is just like win or loss. Whatever the outcomes of the decision should be accepted. When the decision is not in favour of you, people start to blame others, but when things suit them, they tend to be bold, stay bold as you are, do not summersault.

If not now, then when?,
This topic reminds my days of glory in rural villages, Eastern Cape Province. By then, as young boys, we used to attend traditional norms which were coordinated by ladies. This kind of norm is coordinated by community ladies together with that one of that family, mostly at night for a period of a month. (ijaka). This tradition is performed at night only starting with a song outside in front of the kraal. After the song these ladies will go back to the house and they will sleep on that house until next day. As young boys, we go there for the sake of proposing these ladies to become our partners. Among ladies there are those who organize everything for us, therefore you just getting a chance to speak to her outside the house. Once you have this opportunity to speak with this lady, it’s either you convinced this lady at least to promise or to accept your proposal now? So in other words this lady might ask you to give her an opportunity to think about your proposal. The next time you meet, either approved or not.

Watch this space.,
Most people used to say politics is a dirty game, which are full with propaganda. Looking back at the last ANC national conference in Polokwane, the youth league of the ANC together with labour unions was campaigning and supports Zuma for president of the ANC and this has demarcated the movement into two camps, Mbeki camp and Zuma camp. The idea there were pushing has really indeed succeeded, as Zuma today is our President. But along the line, there were some contradiction which led to the expelled Youth league President Julius Malema. By then, expelled youth league President Malema have shocking utterances which even provoked the citizens of this country. Speeches that offended many people which includes, “I will kill for Zuma”, kill the Boers “. These kinds of speech were labeled as they are taking the country back to apartheid era. There were lot of uncalled debates, analyzing the whole issue and ANC was even implicated with racial issues. Today, we are being told that President Zuma is no longer preferred candidate to lead South Africans. It means we must support Montlante as our next the preferred candidate for the job in Mangaung, the history repeats itself. Watch this!!!

My favourite Cat in the Hat book is [fill in the title]; because...
This is the one of the interesting story I ever read from book. I have learned a lot from these kinds of stories about the Cat. The book describes the Cat as the best loyalty community animal with great diplomacy. The Cat is full with many tactics in order to cheat its enemy. It is very dangerous when it comes to attack; it can spin or summersault in order to bit the enemy.To personalize the whole issue, there are people who acts like a Cat especially when it comes to money. There are decent people who borrow money and find difficult to bring money back. It’s not easily to ask your money back, because of his capacity and the respect that you giving to him. Most of the time, these people looks very professional, wearing very smart as well expensive.

Why I have conversations?
I like to have discussions especial about specifically political current issues. I think these group discussions are also very important because any individual have an opportunity to express his/her views. This debate helps a lot to gain information or either clarity on certain issues. Recently, the current issue is Marikana crisis. People are testing their understanding and engaged with debates even link the whole issue with ANC politics. It is really interesting when people discuss these issues and align them with recent ANC in fighting. Some people have a view that Marikana mine workers have used all avenues to show their dissatisfaction and they even write a letter to President Zuma. Others have held the view that everyone who was involved in that crisis is caring a percent of being wrong. This is really interesting discussion as people support their statement which makes the debate to be valued and informative. A conversation contributes to encourage people to be active, to follow current issues and

Friday, October 19, 2012

Write your bucket list / 100 things to do before you die?,,,,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My big fat BIG dream.

I think my dream should be shared by most people that play national lottery or gambling. Ever since I have started to play a lottery I always have a hope, even if I am not sharing with anyone, but I do have intrapersonal feelings. There is nothing that makes me feel reluctant although I am not winning a jackpot. I have a feeling that one day will be one, I will win a jackpot. This makes me see all things in black and white colours only, no grey colours in life. This gives me a hope when days are dark. When I see beautiful and expensive car drove overtake me, I do not felt down, I just give me a hope one day is one day I will even drive the worse fastest and expensive car. Lottery makes feel proud and also give me a confidence about myself and give more inspiration.

You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time. i
This is simple impossible, at times a person need to patience. Patience pays back indirect. This is usually happens when a person does not know what he or she is looking for. As a person it’s very important to know what you want. Whatever a person might want could be not easily to find it; it’s where patience comes in. Other people used to say that, you need to have a least one target. The best way s to choose one angle, the one that your strength will be in order to achieve your intended goals. It is very difficult to achieve many things at the same time, chances of failing to all intended goals is possible, because there is not focus. Intellectuals believe on focusing on one thing and after start to see possibilities of doing another one. Perfect example of this, general secretary of the ANC Gwede Mantashe has decided to not stand again to SAPC elective conference as the National Chairperson, because he wants to stay focus to his duties as the general secretary of the ANC.