Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Just one day after national celebrations of former president Nelson Mandela’s birthday. Two Anglican Church youth members jetted on Friday 19, 2013 to France joining other African Anglican Church members. Siyabonga Landingwe who is 20 stays from Khayelitsha together with Julie Fouire, 18 from Durbanville both Cape Town were among African Anglican Church members who were nominated to take a three months tour to Lyon in France. According to Chuma, an Anglican Church member who also visited the same place last year, on their arrival to France they will be welcomed at Taize is an Ecumenical community of Monks from different religions and there are almost 100 brothers who stay in the hill of Taize. They will be referred to as permanents short for permanent volunteers. They will be doing working ministry and that means assisting with the day to day activities, chores and leading groups of weekly visitors, they will present workshops on Africa with other African volunteers, will participate in bible introduction, workshops on poverty alleviation at an international level, deepen spirituality. But the core thing will be partaking in the three daily prayers of the community as life in the community is centered around spirituality and the pilgrimage of trust in the world. Written by Zukile Hempe