Friday, May 25, 2012

The business industry competes about offering good services, but tax industry is doing the other way around, the rude competition., The kind of business run by a tax industry is totally unacceptable and is not conducive for human standard. The worse route that I have revealed is between Cape Town taxis to Bellville. There is one Friday night that I will never forget, when tax left Cape Town rank with overloaded passengers to Bellville driving through Vorttrekker road. The tax normal fee is R7.50, but after
hours 20:00 the fee rise to R10.00. While the tax was already an overload the guard was still loading people, passengers that are complaining are intimidated of being dropped off along the way to take other taxis. What is worse the tax just moves not even the driver looking if passengers are sitting well. When the tax reaches Maitland in front of Tavern by name Liverpool, one coloured guy hire the same tax with passengers and passengers not aware. The tax drives out of way to Kensington area, the guy who hires the tax get off quickly to the house and come back soon with three guns in his hands. The guy said, let’s shut up, because passages were complaining. The tax drives back to Maitland and stop in front of the tavern again and the guy get out. They were doing this knowing that there is no other options, because Metro railway trains are finished and it’s only few taxis are running but also are competing with rudeness. While the tax is full the driver and his guard are also smoking, anyone who question that is being told to excuse and get off from the tax.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Try a cliché
As a person you need to have your own way of doing things, do not copy what others do may be it won’t work for you. I have observed this in many different cases more especial in relationships, where an individual’s look for new love ones soon after their broken relationships. I think at this point in time an individual should have show a kind of shame and respect to society at large as they aware of the lost relationship. This is the tribute as a person needs to be paid in our community. It is disgusting to have new love affair very soon at same area where people know that you had recently lost one. But in these days people do not have direction, more especial ladies. I think the problem regarding this ladies tend to have ladies who act as directors among their friendships. Those directors are very influential in terms of telling her what to do, who you must love; do not give him a second chance, etc. I have eye witnessed this in several occasion, I used to travel with my friend of mine, sometimes he or I have lady on that area, but she end up also having one lady. At some stage when you have been attracted by someone but her director does not recognise you as preferred candidate for her, your passionate would fall in a grave yard. As a man you could observe when lady is frustrated, but what you can do if someone is taking instructions from someone else about her personal love. Those who have witnessed this would agree with me.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Self – Publishing a book
This is one of the challenges in the market industry, remember to get your book published is not easy at all. Publishers are doing business in order for them to make survive. Therefore the are many reasons that might lead to your book not be published, may the book the book is written for specific audiences such as family, children or may be the book writing form does not fit to the market style of that field. The book writers need to make sure before publishing they have done a proper research. The only way to do this is to go the library and bookshops. Compare and contrast the differences in the specific books of your book field and see if there are any other books like yours, or similar. Before even publishing get an editor to do editing for you and get a fit back. Compare the price as well. Target market- there are many forms that you may use in order to market your book. The easiest one is to get all your friends, colleagues, past teachers, social media friends, etc tell them about your initiative. It is very advantageous to also use community newspapers, radio station, and social networks. How to launch it, very easy as well. Usually South Africa has an art festival event every year, usually in Western Cape, Stellenbosch and Eastern Cape – Grahamstown. This is the great opportunity for self publishers to use this event to launch their work.

This topic is really true, an individual’s feelings is being determined by behavior. This reminds me my first seriously love affair, how I was attracted. It was during the morning at school on the parade where a first tenor nice voice comes out from the first line. When I look to the owner of the voice, I just collapse. The more she sing the song I get to pay more attention on and look at her suspicious. After that I could not even pay attention to my studies on that day, my heart was beating the more I was thinking of her. During the launch I told myself in order to feel free I need to tell this that she has stolen my heart. I was luckily to have a chance to face her about how I felt when she sang on that morning but although I didn’t more chance to express my feelings. I had promise her to write her letter writing and by then letter was very effective. She also promises that she would also pay attention on such brief letter. I was just like crazy when I was writing a letter and the ideas were flowing, some other words I never used before even on my assignments. I could not eat after I have sent the letter to her, because I could not know how she is going to respond. I have made sure that I look smart as much as I can. I didn’t want even to be associated with wrong things, my behavior has completely changed. Fortunately the fit back was positive for me and I was just whoo, I didn’t know what to do.


This reminds my glory days at secondary school when English teacher used to tell the class that the idea is not an idea if is not being put into practice. Your thoughts, imaginations, views etc must not end on planning; this should be put into action. I have got the friend of mine who is also my colleague as well; he is always saying to me bring me Cape Peninsula University Technology application form I want to study next year. I always bother myself by bringing the form. After I have graduated diploma in my studies I have shown him what I have achieve within a period of three year, he could not handle it. He told me that he was thinking to study even before I meet with him as friend. Instead he continues to saying that diploma is worth anymore, at least he would be convinced if I was showing him a degree or B-tech. Actually he is just talking as if he knows everything but he is an empty vessel. He does not know in order to get a B-tech you need start with a diploma. He is misinformed and misleading those who still need to get information. Most of those who talks a lot are misinformed.

Gender Studies
During the research on gender studies I have become clear about what are my responsibilities as a man. To be honest, some of my responsibility I didn’t know, although I have managed them. After the research I have measured myself using Maslow’s hierarchal needs but based masculinity man responsibility. I have discovered that men are really dominating and I could also relate based from observations and my experience. Although I have also discovered that all different sources, internet, books, articles, scholars etc that I have used, the information is not the true reflection of what is happening today. I mean the information is old, I therefore recommended researchers to do more research which would in shape with current situation. Most of the traditional rituals by society are no longer the as before; society has totally deviated from their original traditional norms. The new information is need to depict the currently situation. #smed12

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wedding cake - in - the middle - of - the road
This is one of the days that I will never forget; my family was busy organising a wedding for my elderly brother, who by then was working at Witwatersrand as a mine worker. During long Ester weekend was his wedding ceremony in Eastern Cape, since he was on special leave for his wedding ceremony. The bride home was from Mpumalanga. The day before Ester, everything was already in place for preparations of the wedding day, since it was a weekend and shops would be closed. I was sent to go and fetch the chocolate cake from bakery that was already been paid, so I was given a money to hire a tax straight from Butterworth to home where ceremony will be held. I was so selfish buy not hiring the tax instead ask trunk driver a hike which was going to the same direction. At the back of the truck there was an Ox, the driver told me it’s fully in front. He also told me that the Ox is roped all legs and is not dangerous. Since I have seen the space and driver help me to open at the back with the cake. After a while a truck is moving, the Ox stood up straight to me. I have to leave cake on ground, climb up to gates that were fencing the back of the truck and I could not climb up holding a cake. I have tried to knock while I was climbing on top, but wind was blowing and they couldn’t hear me. An Ox stepped over it and cake was blown all over, brown on floor at the back of the truck. When I get off I was I wanted to go back to buy another but the place was closed, I have to rush to Shoprite at least to come with cake. The cake had been ordered was in the middle of the road.#smed12

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Famishment, The Life and Death of Kevin Carter - TIME,9171,981431,00.html
“It’s the photo of my career but I'm not proud of it, I hate to see her, hate her. I'm still sorry for not helping the girl. “These are the words of the photographer Kevin Carter after receiving the Pulitzer Prize for photography in May 1994, fourteen months after taking the photo in Sudan during the famine. I believe Kevin Carter saved many lives with this image and his selfish attitude, for this picture, the world learned of the famine in Africa and particularly in Sudan, who knows, maybe his work was used to plot the real human horror, first social misery and poverty. More than pain, makes me angry to see the child not only expected to die or the patient vulture waiting for what will be their food, which is behind all this is what makes me burst with anger. The media has been very critical to the picture as he has been labelled for being not have heart. As results he could not handle the pressure as he also felt that he had failed the girl. Carter decided to committee suicide. #smed12