Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Try a cliché
As a person you need to have your own way of doing things, do not copy what others do may be it won’t work for you. I have observed this in many different cases more especial in relationships, where an individual’s look for new love ones soon after their broken relationships. I think at this point in time an individual should have show a kind of shame and respect to society at large as they aware of the lost relationship. This is the tribute as a person needs to be paid in our community. It is disgusting to have new love affair very soon at same area where people know that you had recently lost one. But in these days people do not have direction, more especial ladies. I think the problem regarding this ladies tend to have ladies who act as directors among their friendships. Those directors are very influential in terms of telling her what to do, who you must love; do not give him a second chance, etc. I have eye witnessed this in several occasion, I used to travel with my friend of mine, sometimes he or I have lady on that area, but she end up also having one lady. At some stage when you have been attracted by someone but her director does not recognise you as preferred candidate for her, your passionate would fall in a grave yard. As a man you could observe when lady is frustrated, but what you can do if someone is taking instructions from someone else about her personal love. Those who have witnessed this would agree with me.

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