Thursday, May 3, 2012

Famishment, The Life and Death of Kevin Carter - TIME,9171,981431,00.html
“It’s the photo of my career but I'm not proud of it, I hate to see her, hate her. I'm still sorry for not helping the girl. “These are the words of the photographer Kevin Carter after receiving the Pulitzer Prize for photography in May 1994, fourteen months after taking the photo in Sudan during the famine. I believe Kevin Carter saved many lives with this image and his selfish attitude, for this picture, the world learned of the famine in Africa and particularly in Sudan, who knows, maybe his work was used to plot the real human horror, first social misery and poverty. More than pain, makes me angry to see the child not only expected to die or the patient vulture waiting for what will be their food, which is behind all this is what makes me burst with anger. The media has been very critical to the picture as he has been labelled for being not have heart. As results he could not handle the pressure as he also felt that he had failed the girl. Carter decided to committee suicide. #smed12

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