Friday, April 27, 2012

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself,
In fact to tell lies its something that makes an individual not be trusted anymore and to lose dignity. To misrepresent yourself may be regarded as a fraud, and criminal charges against such person may be opened. This is really a stupid idea because eventually the truth will prevail and you will end up being be exposed, its matter of fooling yourself. I should also think to lie has something to do with high status. When someone lies always gives him/her good character not to discredit. A habitual liar will pretend worse to tell the lies even if the truth prevails; will never accept the truth at all. These things are happening especially to relationships, where at last the truth is coming out and partner decides to committee suicide or committee murder. Habitually lies have bad consequences. Who knows that Madiba will be separated with Winnie, after a long relationship since they were together until Madiba went to prison for twenty seven years. How many relationships have been fallen apart because of cheating? To tell someone a lie is just like to make yourself a fool. It is not a constructive idea but a destructive one. #smed12

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