Sunday, April 15, 2012

Honour your bodies, girl

I have observed a tendency just recently, where young girls who are supposed to be at school are busy wandering the streets and offering themselves to older men. I do not think they understand how much they are dolling with their future. Just because you are living in poverty that does not mean you should date old men to get rich. Some girls exchange their young bodies for material things. Sugar daddies buy them expensive things, take advantage of their bodies and destroy the girl’s future. If you are a girl who wants best of out of your life, stay true to yourself. There lot of disease these days and you are at risk of being infected with STI’s or even HIV/AIDS. Do not settle for less in life, you are only live once. Your body needs to be preserved. Find out a young man who will grow with you in love instead of wasting your time. The old men are prepared to spend for whatever you may need as if he loves you, but not only to get you and they know that you are after the money.#smed12

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