Friday, April 27, 2012

It’s a disgrace,, I understand that South Africa is the diverse culture with language, race, religion, colour, background, as well sex. The currently President we have is a disgrace, I respect his culture, but President should be lead by example. Today we talk of diseases such as STD’s, HIV/AIDS, which they have influence people to change bit from their cultures. Before it was a proud to have many girlfri
ends and to such an extend that there nicknames were used like player, Ulewu, Incutshe, Icule etc. Headmans and Chiefs may have wives as much as they can and their belief is ancestors. But education has brought more changes; these people get to be informed about sexually diseases which resulted to deviate from their cultures, to have more than one wife. This is also shows their respect to the positions they hold to society, by not confusing young people as activists community encourage one partner or abstain from sex activities. The President we have is disrespecting the good work is done by activist groups. He has got more than five wives; He is still goes over to pregnant ladies out of his wedlock. In other words he is sleeping around. He is creating a lot of frustration to the new generation which is going to be future of the country. I should think it is the legacy that he wants to leave behind.#smed12

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