Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friendship VS Animals
We can always rely on our pets for comfort, and to listen, apart from all the other things. Although they don’t respond when we tell them how we are feeling, it is just the fact that we are letting these feelings out instead of bottling it up inside that makes these animals the greatest listeners and the best friends. They have patience, and we can always rely and depend on them to be there when we need them most. That is the greatest thing about our pets. Yes, they can cause a mess in the living room or the backyard, but hey, they are our best friends. They never judge us. We can be black or white these faithful animals will never judge our skin colour. There are so many things you can teach your beloved pet, and here all your questions are answered. Learn about your pet’s habits and know exactly why they are the way they are certain times of the year. There is a reason for everything, and once you learn how to teach you’re pet to sit he or she will be able to help you understand why. Apart from finding hints about your cat or dog you can also find many other tips for other pets. There is just so much you can learn about animals, how they react in different climates and changes they are basically like humans. If you want you could also find out how you could train your new puppy for your home so that it knows what is wrong and what is right. Fleas are always a problem when it comes to our cats and dogs. Fleas can be picked up anywhere. It is just something out of your control. However, you can find tips on how to control these bloodsucking insects and have your best friend feeling comfortable as possible. Although our pets are animals that do not resemble us in any way or form, these beloved creatures are no different from us. We don’t judge them and they don’t judge us. They can sense our pain and sadness and also know when we are happy. It is easy for us to sense these things in them, too. They share the exact emotions as we do. We want friendship and just a friend and this is how they feel. We can get through life without a few things, but we cannot get through life without our pets. These animals were not put here for us to feed and give a place to sleep. They were put here simply because we need them here. If these beautiful animals were not here, we would be the most miserable people on the planet. Without pets that will resemble the listeners.

She is a role model indeed

A friend, a mentor, a motivator and a leader in our community, Lerato Matsolo a young and ambitious young lady, at the age of 24, went to Lehlohonolo Primary School and finished her matric at Fezeka Senior Secondary School, she obtain her Diploma in Quantity Surveying at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and is currently doing her BTech degree in Construction Management through CPUT. She is now currently working at NMC Construction Group as a Construction Manager. This young lady is born and bred from the dusty streets of Guguletu, along with her three siblings, an aunt and her maternal grandmother. Understanding the township lifestyle coupled with a disadvantaged back ground having to face many challenges such as peer pressure, immense crime rate and drug abuse and many disadvantaging challenging that come with such an environment. To her, education was not an option but rather a tool to emancipate and eradicate the shackles of poverty. We all have problems and we want to be successful in our life’s but everything comes with patience and education is the key, all in all she strived to do her outmost best to study and had the opportunity of obtaining a bursary from a Grade 12 project - Go for Gold programme from Fezeka High School through her hard work. Lerato is a mentor that beliefs in the pay it forward principle that when you help someone and open a door for their future they will be able to do the same for someone else and soon a ripple effect will occur creating a culture of giving back for a better world. With a passion for lecturing she is currently helping students from different schools with maths classes and skills out of goodwill. However now she is struggling as the groups are becoming bigger regarding resources and facilities. She fights for a brighter future for these children and she brings hope to the hopeless youth. As growing up teenagers we all have dreams and making those dreams depends on our present moments. Recently she organised an event in Guguletu that I had the pleasure to attend, for the youth regarding how to obtain bursaries, to me the expo was more about bursaries, because in one of the topics I realise that most of the township youth are not sure what career paths to follow, meaning it had everything to do with career exhibitions as well, with the help of motivational speakers sharing information about their success, careers and obtaining the correct information about bursaries. The entire event was a success and the major goal was achieved. Lerato has a vision in life, there is a saying kwa Xhosa “vuka uzenzele” (wake up and do it yourself), she does wonderful things, she is indeed an inspiration in our life’s and we need more people like her in this nation. We need leaders like Lerato that reinvest her time, knowledge and skill back into her community supporting the upliftment of our youth. A leader that is not selfish in keeping her personal growth to herself but rather utilise what she knows, embracing her background for the positive while wanting the best for others. Let us support these leaders who invest in the cause to develop more successful youngsters who can also give back in terms of mentoring our society. Some kids just need the support and motivation, just a word of encouragement to say “I believe in you, you can go far and do it!” It all forms part of the journey to uplift a more successful community that strives for unity having one spirit of harmony. I sincerely hope that this article will awaken some leaders to do the same as Lerato.

All about Fashion

Stylish appearance is a very important part of human life. Correct choice of clothing for right season, give your taste a gorgeous profile and force people to have a high respect for your unique beauty all the time. In today's fashionable world, what you dress plays a key part in inducing up your image. Getting outfitted in suitable clothing is of great importance to show a fit to be seen appearance. Fashion is an important part in every human life especially for women. Include stylish clothing in your closet can make you stand cool from a crowd. These days fashion clothing is easy to get to in many designs and fabrics giving you a perfect latest look. These Fashions clothing can add more style, colour and a sophisticated or sexy tone to your outfit. There are large variations of apparel items available in this fresh seasonal style with large collection of styles, colours and shapes designed by world famous brands. As women have everlasting collection of clothing styles for both formal and casual wear, it will become easy for them to look good without struggle. These clothes are changing as the season changes. Maxi dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, skinny jeans, shirts, trousers etc Women are achieving new combinations in their clothing. Diverse styles in clothing are the type to speedy your own personality elegance. Different clothes and their naturality have brought more flexibility in the appearance of the women. Women also consider carrying hand bags and wearing jewellery as style statement. A wide collection of hand bags with different styles designs for women are available in the market. Bags made with leather are famous throughout the world because of their value and texture (lasting longer) and styles. Jewellery items make fabulous impact on everyone woman's personality. A wide collection of different styles and designs of varied forms of jewellery items are available including ear rings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains etc. These stylish and stunning jewellery items are made from different metals such as; diamond, gold, silver, platinum and many others. This is a good influence on how to buy your different clothing items and actually looking fabulous amongst people.

Get it with NSFAS!
Coming from disadvantaged communities and families, to one it is very difficult not to think twice about going to University after matric, it is constant to worry about fees. Now without getting the proper information from the institution itself this can be a pretty daunting task. There is a little information on how to go about acquiring a student loan. The National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is available from Cape Peninsula University of Technology -CPUT. NSFAS loans are funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training and it is awarded to the financially needy and academically deserving students from South Africa.Depending on your year results, up to 40% these funds could be converted to a Bursary. Payment terms are; repaying the study loan once you start earning a salary, however in order to qualify one should be registered at an accredited institution. Application forms are available at the Financial Aid Office, level 5 of the Administration Building (entrance via the Students Centre) Cape Town Campus. Obtain a bursary/loan application form, from the Financial Aid helpdesk, complete and return it by the closing date. Information shared for a better future for all with NSFAS now you can.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Somalia’s are taking over
Our people should stop to complain about foreigners that are taking work, ladies, as well business. We as South Africans are not good in business. We do not have business initiative ideas. Our minds are still looking at employment opportunities not to take business initiatives. Most South Africans at university levels are studying courses that would be looking at getting employment. But looking at foreigners, most of them do business entrepreneurs, small business to start their initiative. To prove that foreigners are very good in business, Cape Town’s black townships shops are being occupied by Somalia’s. They are taking over to the people who had these businesses for more than ten years. Our people are renting out their business to Somalis to make money for them. The whole townships in the province is about to change to be Somalis business industries. On the other side, people are complaining these foreigners are taking over. We do not have business tolerance.

How did you get there?,
When I started to study in 2009, I was like a laughing story to my colleagues. I regret today that has contributed more to motivate me not to step backwards, but to move on. Since were staying together in the workplace, so they know what I was doing. After work I have to drive to school, seeing my colleagues relaxing drinking some beers and braying. I sometimes felt like to abandon school, but since there were lots of talks already, that would make more laughing story about me, I was therefore forced to continue with my studies. Some of the comments were, we had all have the same ideas, but the situation does not allow us, as the results I will also experience the same problem. Others commented that part – time is taking very long and is boring. But today, all those questions are still remains unanswered and I have my degree. Today I am congratulating myself for the efforts and initiative that I have undertaken.

Working directly with Publics/customers
This is the most powerful area that needs business techniques skills in order to achieve a highly standard, this might includes customer services skills and applied in corporate perspective, most these are basically practice by private organisations, while government departments does not effective practice these business skills. The reasons behind these, government are rendering services delivery. There are not rushing for targets, no competition as well. Although according to Civil servants and Public administration policy, Patho Pele principles should be effectively implemented at all state departments. Comparing with private sector, these skills are placed at the centre of the organization for excellence services and are aware that organisations are focusing on that to gain more customers. Private sectors are competing to improve customer services on daily basis, that how they make money.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rebranding of Democratic Alliance,
South Africa’s future President Hellen Zillie has show some positive move towards the rebranding of the Democratic alliance. Since DA has been associated with the old apartheid government, when Zillie took over as the first woman leader of the organisation has implemented transformation policies as well as rebranding of the organisational logo. I also think the fact that she did work as journalist has help an organisation to make develop creativity ideas and innovations towards change. This also has been seen by the fact that, an organisation is showing a good progress towards governing the province as the results; Cape Town has won various awards which includes World Capital Design and so on. There are an increasing number of memberships throughout to all provinces. Recently, DA has won a ward councilor at Nyanga community settlement area, there ward was original rule by ANC. There are also a growing number of black people who are joining DA at critical positions, which include a DA candidate Mazibuko who is currently serves as a DA representative in Parliament.

Protests in all provinces
In the past six months protest action has been looming all over the Eastern Cape province, this come out after Grahamstown region has experience an inevitable protests by residents demanding RDP houses, water shortages, the dreaded bucket system and accusing municipal officials by visiting the region during election campaigns. In this protest, police short rubber bullets into the crowds and throw stun grenades at them. This follows Baffalo city and Nelson Mandela bay violent protests spread across to smaller municipalities over service delivery. According to local residents chairperson Ntlanganiso, alleged that protests is the only language understood by government. Communities are also argue that the trend of using protests about actual grievances to hide political agendas worked against them. Since February 2012, Mpumalanga province has been experiencing almost 20 violent service delivery protests. This has been deteriorated after the re-election of Premier David Mabuza as provincial ANC chairperson. The protesters has alleged provincial government for poor service delivery and failing to provide basic community needs such as water sanitation, electricity, RDP houses, end bucket system. Legal marches turn ruthless, this has been noticed after Free State has been seen the second highest number of service delivery protests this year, of the 44 protests which took place there, 31 became violent. The reasons for this violent protests is water shortage, power problems, and houses. But according to Free State ANC provincial chairperson Bulwane has argue that some protests are innocent and some are man made against the provincial leadership.

"Come on" President Jacob Zuma
Over the past few months South Africa experienced a wave of protest actions across to all provinces. Many of this protest have turned to an act of violence and criminal activities among them exploiting the situation. In various areas, the police had to use force in order to calm the situation. Police action includes arrests for public violence, loathing, and various crimes. Basically, the main reason for these protests are discontent with delivery of basic needs municipality services such as water, electricity, toilets, unemployment, poor infrastructure, lack of houses and high rate of crime. These are the outcomes of political promises during the election campaigns that all this problems would be addressed should the new government be in power. It is very important to be specific to describe the reasonably limited scope of the current service delivery protest in South Africa as an indication solely to social – political instability. There is a need to be taking into account that, if the current situation carry on as an issue for long time possible developing of rebellion against government will prevails. As much as police might tried their utmost to stabilize protests to maintain peace by enforcing law, this will not serves as a solution to the problem. The problem here does not lie to policing, but to resolving to social economic situation that is prevailing in various societies. An early involvement to government in relation to the situation and effective functioning and service delivery is crucial.

my research questionnares

I am B-TECH student who is examining the effectiveness of communication strategy between POPCRU and its stakeholders which is employees. The aims of this study is to find out whether or not, there is communication gap, and make recommendation to better communication between an organisation and its stakeholders. Kindly spare 5 minutes of your time to answer the following few questions. 1.1 Age between - 18, 25, 30, 35, 40 & above……. Male or Female (Please circle answer) 1.2 Ethnic group - African, Coloured, Indian, White & other specify…… (Please circle answer) 1.3 How many years have been POPOCRU members? 1month,5years,10years,15years& other specified………… (Please circle) 1.4 How do you receive information via? Emails, meetings, workshops, conferences, newsletters, fax, & other specify………. (Please circle answer) 1.5 How effective do you rate communication between POPCRU and employees Very poor, Needs improvements, Adequate, Good, Very effective (Please circle answer) 1.6 How relevant the information received from POPCRU? Accurate, not accurate (Please circle answer) 1.7 Please motivate the above answer?.......................................................................................... …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 1.8 Do you think POPCRU is doing enough to satisfied employees with information? Yes or No 1.9 Please justify the above answer………………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 10. Please provide any suggestions on how communication can be improved by POPCRU? (Please print your answer below) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Thank you.

Where is Zapiro?
I feel like I cannot wait for the famous cartoonist Zapiro who is regular busy to catapult state of the nation President Jacob Zuma. Recently there is saga about Zumaville, whereby public wants to know how much state funds were utilised to build the village and this agenda is on the public domain. Although President Zuma has decided to withdrawn charges against the cartoonist last week, but that has nothing to stop him continuing to bring information in a form of artist. Since President Zuma was implicated with fraud, corruption and money laundering, the cartoonist had been catapulted him to bring the art of work to the public. Whilst Zuma became the president of the country, nothing has stopped him to do his job. Since now there is current saga about president and his village, public are expecting to get some information on work of art. This is also one of the things that make news interesting. Watch this, not later than a week!!!!!!!!!

A message from my boss
Already we are 2 months into the New Year. Times are still tough with Exports struggling against the strong Rand and crisis in the main market place, being Europe. Our Imports on the other hand are cooking. Revenue Growth is our main focus point at the moment with targets being established for our sales team. On that note we have decided to increase the team by 1 in an effort to increase revenue as well as explore new markets. The team however will have to be assisted in all aspects of the operations as it does not make sense establishing new markets while losing existing ones. Service levels are still imperative this year and it is here that communication and establishing relationships play a vital role. As part of our drive to establishing new markets we have fitted an innovative weighing device to our full handler, there is a need in the industry to have containers weights checked before going to stack and this new device takes the place of the traditional weighbridge, well done to Mike Torrance for his perseverance in this matter, as we have already seen an increase in full yard customers.

The year has started let’s make it a memorable one

We have also introduced a 2nd shift for our 2 trucks in an effort to utilise them more efficiently. I am happy to say that over the past few weeks they have performed marvellously, well done Mark for your cooperation in this initiative, and I am looking forward to even better results. On a more sober note there have been one or two incidents of fighting/bullying on site and I am reiterating that I will not tolerate this sort of behaviour. I would also like to wish 2 of our more senior or should I say stately members a fond farewell after many years of service. Melvern Michaels retired at the end of February after 17 years of service and Shaun Ownhouse at the end of March after 31 years of service. I would like to wish them all the best going forward.

Farewell Mr Michaels
Melvern Michaels, aka Mike or uncle Mike, officially retired on 29 February 2012. Mike started his career at SACD a whole seventeen years ago on 30 March 1995. He began in the Export Department and was so happy there that he never left. SACD Management and employees would like to thank Mike for his Loyalty and commitment over the past seventeen years. Emmerson Johnson our Export manager said it will be difficult to replace his experience. Although Mike is officially retiring he has offered to stay on a little longer on a contract basis. This is what Thandazile Bolitye had to say about Mike. “Let me take this time to thank Mr Michaels for all of the guidance and assistance that he has given me since we started working together. I appreciate all of his sacrifices and for going out of his way to help me and made sure that I coping well with all of my duties. At all times, he was and still is the “go to guy” when any one is in need of any sort of assistance. It has been a great pleasure and privilege to have worked with him. The confidence and faith that he has had in me in me over the past 2 years has kept me going even when at times it seemed impossible. Thank you very much Mr Michaels for sharing your knowledge, and your experience with me, it means so much. I also wish you all the best for the future. May the Almighty Lord bless you with the best of times and everlasting happy moments.” Insert Picture Melvern Caption to please read: Every body’s uncle. Mike has a very special place in my heart , I simply adore him – Pauline Arenz

A Sad Goodbye
On Wednesday 29 February Cat (Ebrahim) and René our very own export/import Husband and Wife team bid us farewell. A party was held in their honour in order to show our appreciation for the work that they have done throughout their years of service. Denver Lakey honoured Rene’ and Cat with a few words that went as follows. René spent most of her years in the Export department under the guidance of Melvern Michaels before she moved over to the Imports Department. She has been working for SACD for 12 years. Mxolisi Jucwa, (Jucwa), Vusumzi Magungo (Vusi) worked with René in the Export department for about 8 years. Denver thanked the husband and wife team for their loyalty, commitment and dependability. He went on to say that during the 2 years that René (also known as aunty) have been with the Nereide Warriors it was a pleasure to work with her. Rene and Cat also said a few words to thank their SACD family for the memorable years that they have shared with us. Rene’s Speech René said that not only did she have the opportunity to work with her colleagues but she also managed to form bonds of friendship with some of her colleagues. She is going to miss everyone. Ebrahim’s Speech (CAT) Cat’s message to the guys was to pull up your socks and continue to do great work! Apart from the well wishes from their colleagues they also received many messages from our clients, especially Rene, they will both be terribly missed.

Part of the Furniture
21 years old. That was the age of Tony Nathen when he began at SACD 30 years ago. He started off at SACD as a forklift driver in 1982. Later he was promoted to container inspector, and then again to a release and dispatch Clark. He was then promoted to supervisor where he currently resides. The highlight of Tony’s 30 years was when the company moved premise from Montague Gardens to the harbour. In the 80’s when jobs were scarce the company had to retrench many of their employees. Tony say’s that he is so grateful that he survived. Tony has experienced so much with SACD in his 30 years, especially in terms of ownership. He has seen the company move from Freight services, to Rennies, and now as part of the Bidvest group. “I have experienced SACD move through the ages” say’s Tony. “When I started everything was done by hand, nothing was computerised and technology was nowhere near as advanced as it is today. The changes have been huge in terms of equipment and forklifts, yet they were all so exciting and I am honoured to

SACD Freight Depot and SACD Head Office Cape Town hosted their 3rd Easter Charity Drive this year.
This year we focused on collecting new and second hand toys for boys and girls. Not only did we receive donations for toys but staff, family, neighbours and friends also gave donations of cash, educational toys, books, puzzles, games, play dough, food and clothing. We also purchased much needed food items, mattresses and blankets from cash donations received. The Donations were given to a crèche in Atlantis Cape Town. The children thanked us in song, smiles, hugs and high fives. It just goes to show: The smallest of gestures can cause a ripple effect with lasting happiness and fulfilment.

A decade Spent With SACD
Ek het geweet wat in Japie sit. Hy is die beste man wat ek saam gewerk.” –Deon Van Rensburg Mr Henry Jantjies better known as Japie is one of our very own Naradar Warriors and he has been one for the last 10 years. Althoug h Japie has been with us for 10 years he was previously with us for 14 years before leaving us for a year. “I believe that I know everything with regards to what I do. I have learnt so much over the years about imports, dispatch and unpacking.” SACD is my family and I am looking forward to another 10 years.”

Vintage is Back
Here at SACD we have our very own MacIver who brings old and outdated machinery back to life. This MacIver is known as mr Danie Gagion. Danie has been with SACD for 15 years in total and has been the workshop supervisor for the last 10 years. He began working for SACD in 1996 when he was hired on a contract basis in order to rebuild a forklift as well as help with other mechanical entailed jobs. In 1997 Danie signed on as a permanent member of the SACD family. Danie’s job consists of doing maintenance and services on all machines as well as taking on a few revamp projects. However he does not do this job alone, he completes these jobs with help from his fellow workshop team members; Conely, Angelo, Pieter and Mike. Danie along with the other members of the warehouse team undergo many projects that save SACD great amounts of money. For example Danie is currently refurbishing a palet wrapping machine. The machine was bought for almost nothing and all that it required was some electrical work and bobs your uncle its good as new. Danie has also restored an old forklift that is now being used for training purposes. Up until last year SACD was buying the majority of our machinery brand new until we realised that we could spend less than half of that money by restoring old machinery rather, considering that the warehouse team are such experts at making them run perfectly as well as making them look brand new. Thank you to Danie and the entire warehouse team for your hard work and for having such a positive impact on the entire company.

WAYS: What is your new year’s resolution?

Answer One: “My wish for the new year in terms of work is that SACD will show a profit and in my personal life I hope to either renovate my home or buy a new one.” Said Joy Robertson Answer Two: “This year I hope to stop drinking and smoking as well as lead a healthier lifestyle.” Marvin September Answer Three: “My dream for this year is that the Cheetah’s will win the world cup and that I can also help SACD to grow as large as we possibly can this year.” Said Deon Van Rensburg Answer Four: “In 2012 I hope to assist SACD in saving money by rebuilding old machinery” Said Danie Gagion Answer Five: “I am going to try my best to get healthier this year by exercising more. Who knows, maybe I will even run a marathon.” Conely Josias Answer Six: “This year I want to work as hard as possible as I am striving towards achieving my goal of looking after my children as best I can.” Said Gladstone Mahlumva

Who knows?

Things like this are happening, but we just unfortunately sometime because you do not know. On weekends mostly we used to buy meat on the street, when you get to the stand, the meat is ready. That’s what most of us we like, you do not wait long. But we need to ask some questions that why this meat is ready, is it fresh. Remember this people who sell are there to make money, competition is tough, people uses many tactics that will assist them to attract customers, other people business people uses various traditional medicines in order to attract customers. I mean there are various ways they used to make sure that their business continues. Just a simple question, what they do with remaining meat, because it is not feasible to sold all the ready braai meat. Do you think they throw the meat? The tactic that they use, when customer both a lot of meat, they give such customer extra from that meat in order to attract that customer to come back the next day.

My story board

Corporate communication strategy research findings

Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) is a trade union movement in South Africa operating within the South African Police Service (SAPS), the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) and the Traffic component. POPCRU represents more than hundred and forty thousand Police, Correctional and Traffic Officials. Research methodology and data collection The research was conducted using mainly quantitative interviews to explore and gather information to be able to answer the research questions. The data for this audit was obtained through the following: Informal interviews with employees Questionnaires for employees As well as observations among employees Informal interviews Irrelevant information send by POPCRU to employees Employees has shown that they are not really interested with the ANC political issues, they want to see POPCRU continually engaging with their employer for the interest of employees on Health related issues, such as HIV/AIDS, TB diseases as prison environment is not conducive at all. Employees would appreciate at least to read emails from their union that sends condolences to the families of their colleagues who dies on their line of duty, instead of communicating about the leadership structures of the ANC. Conclusion The study has indicated that POPCRU uses emails communication pattern as key tool and a powerful strategy to correspond with its stakeholders. According to the questionnaires from study, employees has confirmed that there is a need to improve communication and effective communication should be placed at centre hence it links both an organisation and its stakeholders. The study has shows that, there is lack of regular communication between an organization and its stakeholders with current issues. Most employees has shown that the union need to respond to currently new technology communication methods, as this put an organisation under pressure to act as soon as possible to criticisms against organisation’s identity. However, the study has explored that, among POPCRU members are still some employees who show their loyalty towards an organisation, either because of their long relationship with an organization or either it is both their policies and servings that forces them to be keen to an organisation to keep their relationship alive. Another issue that has been discovered from the study, some employees feels like an organisation should use the traditional communication methods, these employees believe that it is best communication method because it is reliable, accurate and truthful. Recommendations POPCRU will need to responds to the new communication methods, as employees already indicated that they want change. This will help an organisation to strengthen a relationship with its stakeholders I will also recommend that an organisation still need to continue use its traditional communication methods as this is a verified method for reliability, accuracy and truthfulness. I will advice an organisation to continually engage with its stakeholders using meetings, as this is a platform whereby employees have a chance to pose questions to the union leadership; a response is expected as soon as possible. POPCRU should make sure that relevant information is communicated in the sense that, it should be valued to the employees. Trade unions should preserve employees’ interest, not to pursue political agenda.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

President Zuma should not stand for the second term
I feel like ANC President Jacob Zuma should not stand for the second term in Mangaung for the ANC president. The current state of the nation does not allow him, however branches might mislead him to stand and support him as well to win at Mangaung, but the history will repeat it. Remember the same thing that has happened after Polokwane whereby former President Thabo Mbeki was recalled. It will be too long for President Zuma to complete another term as he struggles now. How many community strikes for service delivery only, almost all provinces had experience similar problems. People are demanding basic service needs which include water, jobs, houses, electricity and so on. People have lost faith on him, as he did not fulfil his promises such as creating many decent job opportunities. If president Zuma is clever enough, he should not stand again to contest for presidency and he should give someone a chance.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Long walk to Cape Town
I have taken two hours on the taxi from Bellville to Cape Town, it’s really hectic. I thought when you are in harry it is better to take taxis than a train, but not from Bellville to Cape Town. When I took the taxi we were about 10 passengers, the tax left Bellville station drive along the vortrekker road to Cape Town. At Parow, the taxi drops us to other taxi and drive back to Bellville. The new taxi driver has seen passengers who were going to Bellville on the other side of the road, turn back to Bellville to pick up those passengers back to Bellville. Unfortunately, I had already paid R20.00 waiting for my change. When I requested the taxi guard to give my money back and I may catch another taxi since I was in a hurry, he responded that they do not give money back; therefore I may get off and catch another taxi with my own expense. Everyone has started to panic but the driver ignored us instead continued driving back. On his arrival to Bellville, he told us to get off and take another taxi, because is no longer going to Town. I had to cancel my appointment, because it was too late already.

The road to Mangaung
The South Africa’s biggest political organisation, African national congress is faced with term to review its leadership which includes critical positions like president of the organisation, general secretary and so on. The coming elective conference would be held in December at Free State Province (Mangaung). The organisation is divided into two camps, therefore at this time; usually there is no unity within the ANC. This is the opportunity whereby ANC branches and regions give their mandate to the organisation as the primary organ of the organisation. Branches representatives go and attend the conference having the mandate from their branches or regions with new leadership structure. Branches attend conference carrying different agendas, although braches has to held concuss meetings with other regions or branches to discuss and make changes to leadership structures. This is the time where one would say that, politics are really a dirty game. In other word, a leadership structure that was mandated by branches or regions is subjected to change after the concuss meetings. Usually, this conference is full of surprises, remember Polokwane has resulted to the born of new South African opposition political party, Congress of the people.

Public Relations forum 2012

As part of our task, we had a forum which was looking at addressing challenges faced by part time students. It was more inspiring programme listening to different guests speakers from various fields of study sharing their personal experience during their part time class. I mean as a student or anyone who wish to further his/her studies this was really a motivational seminar. As people have different problems, it gives an opportunity to be able to measure yourself to those people. I mean you got a chance to know that even other people got problems, it’s not only you. Most guest speakers have attained and achieve their qualifications while they were working. I have learned from the forum that, as person you need to learn in a hard way in order to succeed. I hope and believed that those who attended the forum have benefited as the programme was very informative and encouraging. I also believe that the form has added value to the Public Relations as its activity and other students have understand the practical guide of a forum as part of communication tool.