Saturday, November 3, 2012

President Zuma should not stand for the second term
I feel like ANC President Jacob Zuma should not stand for the second term in Mangaung for the ANC president. The current state of the nation does not allow him, however branches might mislead him to stand and support him as well to win at Mangaung, but the history will repeat it. Remember the same thing that has happened after Polokwane whereby former President Thabo Mbeki was recalled. It will be too long for President Zuma to complete another term as he struggles now. How many community strikes for service delivery only, almost all provinces had experience similar problems. People are demanding basic service needs which include water, jobs, houses, electricity and so on. People have lost faith on him, as he did not fulfil his promises such as creating many decent job opportunities. If president Zuma is clever enough, he should not stand again to contest for presidency and he should give someone a chance.

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