Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Protests in all provinces

In the past six months protest action has been looming all over the Eastern Cape province, this come out after Grahamstown region has experience an inevitable protests by residents demanding RDP houses, water shortages, the dreaded bucket system and accusing municipal officials by visiting the region during election campaigns. In this protest, police short rubber bullets into the crowds and throw stun grenades at them. This follows Baffalo city and Nelson Mandela bay violent protests spread across to smaller municipalities over service delivery. According to local residents chairperson Ntlanganiso, alleged that protests is the only language understood by government. Communities are also argue that the trend of using protests about actual grievances to hide political agendas worked against them. Since February 2012, Mpumalanga province has been experiencing almost 20 violent service delivery protests. This has been deteriorated after the re-election of Premier David Mabuza as provincial ANC chairperson. The protesters has alleged provincial government for poor service delivery and failing to provide basic community needs such as water sanitation, electricity, RDP houses, end bucket system. Legal marches turn ruthless, this has been noticed after Free State has been seen the second highest number of service delivery protests this year, of the 44 protests which took place there, 31 became violent. The reasons for this violent protests is water shortage, power problems, and houses. But according to Free State ANC provincial chairperson Bulwane has argue that some protests are innocent and some are man made against the provincial leadership.

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