Friday, November 2, 2012

Long walk to Cape Town
I have taken two hours on the taxi from Bellville to Cape Town, it’s really hectic. I thought when you are in harry it is better to take taxis than a train, but not from Bellville to Cape Town. When I took the taxi we were about 10 passengers, the tax left Bellville station drive along the vortrekker road to Cape Town. At Parow, the taxi drops us to other taxi and drive back to Bellville. The new taxi driver has seen passengers who were going to Bellville on the other side of the road, turn back to Bellville to pick up those passengers back to Bellville. Unfortunately, I had already paid R20.00 waiting for my change. When I requested the taxi guard to give my money back and I may catch another taxi since I was in a hurry, he responded that they do not give money back; therefore I may get off and catch another taxi with my own expense. Everyone has started to panic but the driver ignored us instead continued driving back. On his arrival to Bellville, he told us to get off and take another taxi, because is no longer going to Town. I had to cancel my appointment, because it was too late already.

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IHStewart said...

Reading this pissed me off. If I am pissed of just from reading it I can imagine how bloody annoyed you were.