Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who knows?

Things like this are happening, but we just unfortunately sometime because you do not know. On weekends mostly we used to buy meat on the street, when you get to the stand, the meat is ready. That’s what most of us we like, you do not wait long. But we need to ask some questions that why this meat is ready, is it fresh. Remember this people who sell are there to make money, competition is tough, people uses many tactics that will assist them to attract customers, other people business people uses various traditional medicines in order to attract customers. I mean there are various ways they used to make sure that their business continues. Just a simple question, what they do with remaining meat, because it is not feasible to sold all the ready braai meat. Do you think they throw the meat? The tactic that they use, when customer both a lot of meat, they give such customer extra from that meat in order to attract that customer to come back the next day.

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