Friday, April 27, 2012

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself,
In fact to tell lies its something that makes an individual not be trusted anymore and to lose dignity. To misrepresent yourself may be regarded as a fraud, and criminal charges against such person may be opened. This is really a stupid idea because eventually the truth will prevail and you will end up being be exposed, its matter of fooling yourself. I should also think to lie has something to do with high status. When someone lies always gives him/her good character not to discredit. A habitual liar will pretend worse to tell the lies even if the truth prevails; will never accept the truth at all. These things are happening especially to relationships, where at last the truth is coming out and partner decides to committee suicide or committee murder. Habitually lies have bad consequences. Who knows that Madiba will be separated with Winnie, after a long relationship since they were together until Madiba went to prison for twenty seven years. How many relationships have been fallen apart because of cheating? To tell someone a lie is just like to make yourself a fool. It is not a constructive idea but a destructive one. #smed12

It’s a disgrace,, I understand that South Africa is the diverse culture with language, race, religion, colour, background, as well sex. The currently President we have is a disgrace, I respect his culture, but President should be lead by example. Today we talk of diseases such as STD’s, HIV/AIDS, which they have influence people to change bit from their cultures. Before it was a proud to have many girlfri
ends and to such an extend that there nicknames were used like player, Ulewu, Incutshe, Icule etc. Headmans and Chiefs may have wives as much as they can and their belief is ancestors. But education has brought more changes; these people get to be informed about sexually diseases which resulted to deviate from their cultures, to have more than one wife. This is also shows their respect to the positions they hold to society, by not confusing young people as activists community encourage one partner or abstain from sex activities. The President we have is disrespecting the good work is done by activist groups. He has got more than five wives; He is still goes over to pregnant ladies out of his wedlock. In other words he is sleeping around. He is creating a lot of frustration to the new generation which is going to be future of the country. I should think it is the legacy that he wants to leave behind.#smed12

Friday, April 20, 2012


badgercatholic.blogspo, The sound of one hand clapping is the same as the sound of two hands clapping. The concept of clapping means that a sound is being produced by two surfaces coming into contact, even if only one of them is actually moving. No sound, no clapping; no second surface, no sound. In reality, hands clap when someone is performing in an event, usually in a show, competition, or artist or a great speech.
It’s like an achievement when someone has done very well. It is religious behaviour that gives inspiration. The English football is being characterised by sound of hands clapping, it is their football culture as compared to South African football with uses vuvuzela’s as a culture. Sound of hands clapping is almost everyone ethnic group behaviour to show support and encouragement to performers. I never heard any sound of hands clapped when there is something wrong, either dead of criminal. In short, the sound of one hand clapping is a metaphor, for logic thinking there will be no sound with one hand clapping. #smed12

The law must protect us against dictators,
The tax industry is taking the law in their own hands; I was very surprised with the incident that happened in Bloemfontein just few months back where a taxi driver was being caught by CCTV footage knocking a pedestrian walking on the pavement. What is worse the driver got out of taxi and continued to kick the pedestrian, it was unkindness of the top order. Now tell me how many similar incidents does happening without CCTV footage, this is absolute brutality by tax industry. I believe the Police will bring the perpetrator before court of law and I also believe that justice system will more hash to give a lesson to others as well. The similar incidence happened where a lady who was worn a mini skirt was being sexually harassed in the tax rank. I think government should provide customer service workshops for the taxi industry because they do not treat passengers like their customers, and the industry is more religious, stereotypes as well and illiteracy. Government should make provision so that taxi drivers and owners should be aware that passengers are their main target audience. #smed12

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not all who wander are lost

One weekend I had decided to go to famous Mzoli’s restaurant in Gugulethe in the heart of Cape Town black townships. I was wandering what is really interesting that influence people to be there. Because when I observed I have seen nothing special and what is worse the place is not even beautiful, is just normal place situated in township. I was also wandering why the place should be attract many tourists and whites’ people in the black townships. The way I have seen the restaurant is more diverse culture, I mean almost every South African ethnic group has been represented and all ages. People dress up to attend the bustling butchery, which is also a music venue and something of a fashion extravaganza, the girls all look beautiful and sport a variety of hair styles, and men sport fancy shoes and tight jeans, where you can bring your own alcohol, and people do, or buy it in a nearby liquor store
This is a place I will always visit, it isn’t glamorous or stylish, but it is real and to visit Cape Town and miss somewhere like Mzoli’s is to miss the point of visiting South Africa.#smed12

Honour your bodies, girl

I have observed a tendency just recently, where young girls who are supposed to be at school are busy wandering the streets and offering themselves to older men. I do not think they understand how much they are dolling with their future. Just because you are living in poverty that does not mean you should date old men to get rich. Some girls exchange their young bodies for material things. Sugar daddies buy them expensive things, take advantage of their bodies and destroy the girl’s future. If you are a girl who wants best of out of your life, stay true to yourself. There lot of disease these days and you are at risk of being infected with STI’s or even HIV/AIDS. Do not settle for less in life, you are only live once. Your body needs to be preserved. Find out a young man who will grow with you in love instead of wasting your time. The old men are prepared to spend for whatever you may need as if he loves you, but not only to get you and they know that you are after the money.#smed12

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Career have positive guide to social lifestyle which contributes a lot to change individuals. An organization has also an ethical code of conduct which guides an employee on does and undoes. This is the framework that guides an employee within organization parameters and even outside the organization prohibits an employee to behavior in a certain standards.
An organization have the responsibility to protect their reputation to community at large, therefore an employee is regarded as the face of the organization and any unethical behavior by employee will be putting the organization into disrepute. In some instance the organization have to take disciplinary measures against such employee, although may be the matter is external. I also think this shows the reliability and good practice of ethical conduct in business sector. This is mostly happens when a someone is on leadership position and this is followed by temporally suspension from the position until those allegation being dropped.
This is the one of the reasons when former President has decided to suspend Jacob Zuma as the depute President of the country after fraud and corruption allegation just to respect the nation and Thabo Mbeki was the head of the state had the prerogative decision to act on behalf of country not of the ANC.
Career determines who an individual must associate with, where and how. It changes negative behaviors to positive ones. It serves someone to behave in a certain standard because of position that has been occupied.#smed12.