Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not all who wander are lost

One weekend I had decided to go to famous Mzoli’s restaurant in Gugulethe in the heart of Cape Town black townships. I was wandering what is really interesting that influence people to be there. Because when I observed I have seen nothing special and what is worse the place is not even beautiful, is just normal place situated in township. I was also wandering why the place should be attract many tourists and whites’ people in the black townships. The way I have seen the restaurant is more diverse culture, I mean almost every South African ethnic group has been represented and all ages. People dress up to attend the bustling butchery, which is also a music venue and something of a fashion extravaganza, the girls all look beautiful and sport a variety of hair styles, and men sport fancy shoes and tight jeans, where you can bring your own alcohol, and people do, or buy it in a nearby liquor store
This is a place I will always visit, it isn’t glamorous or stylish, but it is real and to visit Cape Town and miss somewhere like Mzoli’s is to miss the point of visiting South Africa.#smed12

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