Friday, April 20, 2012


badgercatholic.blogspo, The sound of one hand clapping is the same as the sound of two hands clapping. The concept of clapping means that a sound is being produced by two surfaces coming into contact, even if only one of them is actually moving. No sound, no clapping; no second surface, no sound. In reality, hands clap when someone is performing in an event, usually in a show, competition, or artist or a great speech.
It’s like an achievement when someone has done very well. It is religious behaviour that gives inspiration. The English football is being characterised by sound of hands clapping, it is their football culture as compared to South African football with uses vuvuzela’s as a culture. Sound of hands clapping is almost everyone ethnic group behaviour to show support and encouragement to performers. I never heard any sound of hands clapped when there is something wrong, either dead of criminal. In short, the sound of one hand clapping is a metaphor, for logic thinking there will be no sound with one hand clapping. #smed12

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