Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Career have positive guide to social lifestyle which contributes a lot to change individuals. An organization has also an ethical code of conduct which guides an employee on does and undoes. This is the framework that guides an employee within organization parameters and even outside the organization prohibits an employee to behavior in a certain standards.
An organization have the responsibility to protect their reputation to community at large, therefore an employee is regarded as the face of the organization and any unethical behavior by employee will be putting the organization into disrepute. In some instance the organization have to take disciplinary measures against such employee, although may be the matter is external. I also think this shows the reliability and good practice of ethical conduct in business sector. This is mostly happens when a someone is on leadership position and this is followed by temporally suspension from the position until those allegation being dropped.
This is the one of the reasons when former President has decided to suspend Jacob Zuma as the depute President of the country after fraud and corruption allegation just to respect the nation and Thabo Mbeki was the head of the state had the prerogative decision to act on behalf of country not of the ANC.
Career determines who an individual must associate with, where and how. It changes negative behaviors to positive ones. It serves someone to behave in a certain standard because of position that has been occupied.#smed12.

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