Friday, March 30, 2012

how do you step from the top of a 100 pole?

Respect pays back, even if it does indirectly but the fact of the matter it pays back. There is expression that says “charity begins at home”, this skill anyone may acquire from the parents either family at an early stages. But sometimes may be because of disorganised family or parents some individuals fail to obtain charity and this makes very difficult to regain at later stages. Education also plays a key role in empowering individuals about respect, but this depends on flexibility and adaptation of an individual’s to such an environment.
This is a great disastrous challenge to individuals when it comes to leadership positions. When an individual is having such position tend to lack humanity and disrespect even people who made him to be what he/she is today. Looking at expelled ANCYL President Julius Malema and disrespect that he has shown not only South Africa but across the world as well, this has marked his downfall to South African political arena. For him it was great opportunity to be on leadership position without well education as comparing today youth of which the majority is well educated.
Malema should have left the non comparison legacy through to his lack of education and this will be proven by youth as well that education does not guaranteed success, but strength may be used for success. But due to his lack of discipline as well lack of political education has resulted to gun down his career which could be the end of the road. #smed12

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