Thursday, March 8, 2012

Remembering my days at High School level (Tyali s.s.s.)

I had worked about 20 kilometres for three years Monday to Friday during those dark days, raining or not. I did not have a choice because it was only school that was very close to me, and I was not the only one. The high school was in the centre of almost all villages surrounding the area. The principal have the tendency of closing the school gates for those late comers, it was estranged.

What I have observed today, children do no want to go school, i just imagine how we have struggled to get matriculated, others have decided to abandon school. But others have managed under those conditions. What disappoint me now, government is providing transport to assists disadvantages areas, but children do not want to go to school. Ever since we call South Africa as a democratic country,education did not improve,no discipline at school at all.

I should think we need to launch a campaign to address issues regarding education and live video which will show how former students have managed to obtain and achieve their matric.#smed12.

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