Thursday, March 8, 2012

How hard is to follow instructions?

This is really very difficult to do, but at some stage you are bounded by rules which force you to do so. I remember when I was working as security guard in one of these shopping centres. It was as early as January 1999 when I was employed by one Security Company and I was instructed that I will perfume my duties in Shop rite stores. I have to do proper searching to customers, management, as well as stuff.

I have got many challenges from the customers as well to stuff. Anyway I did not expect to get challenges from stuff thinking that they should have known why I should search them. I also failed to answer questions that was asked to me by customers, like why I are you searching me? Do I look like theft? Eventually I ended up failing to take those instructions. The management from that store writes a report about that I am no longer doing what expect from me so they are longer interested on my service and if they do not make any changes they terminate the contract.

The next day I was called to report to their office for hearing. The findings of the hearing I was found guilty by failing to comply with the job description which was presented to me. A final written warning was given to me. I mean failing to follow instructions may put your career into risk. #smed12

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