Thursday, March 22, 2012

It’s very hard to be woman than man.

I have observed several things outside and see a lot of surprises, but in all I have come up with conclusion that I am better to be man. But sometimes I feel sorry to my sisters as well because they also face the same challenges I have eye witnessed. There are woman who are very ambitious, full with aspiration but have chosen wrong relationships. I talking about woman who went back to school to further their education to in order have a better living, but those entire attempts and dreams are being shuttered. When the woman is in the middle of the semester she is pregnancy, now tell me don’t this man see that this woman is studying and is delaying her to complete her studies. Most woman find very difficult to complete their studies on time and some of them do not even achieve their goals. Some woman visit their love ones while they are imprisonment for years after the guy is out, is no longer interested on that affair. But anyway I feel sorry for you.#smed12

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