Thursday, March 29, 2012

Man need to change their stereotype attitudes.

As the time goes, things are also subjected to change than before. Before some of things were very simple but currently it’s little bite hard as compare before. It was just like cultures before whereby a man could be have a child out of his marriage and wife would have to accept and understand as social norm. There was also possibility that a man may have wives as much he wants depending to the wealthy of his family and rich family was not money but livestock.

Today it’s not easily as we are faced with many diseases such as HIV/AIDS which makes impossible to other ethnic groups to practices their culture. But believe me that there are still people who do acknowledge the presents of HIV/AIDS virus. I do not know weather this habit has got something to do with their culture or belief with forefathers who had more than one wives. This is very estranging behavior as most wife trust their husband only to find that husband has pregnanted someone outside.

The wife will be frustrated of course, because she has to think how many women do his husband sleeping with them without using condom. She will conclude with many questions, what about my status, must I go on with such unholy marriage full with lack of trust. How I am going to explain this to my family. #smed12.

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