Friday, March 9, 2012

Fish falling from the sky.

This may be a miracle in South Africa, but no one who may dispute that because we believe in geologist research aspect that they do take places. However may some people believe that in order to enhance their education? Most of us we were told at school that earth rotate. There are many aspect of the phenomenon we were told, like force of gravity.
But according to geologists everything is possible; fish may fall from the sky during tornadoes. If the wind is high and hit above sea level, this may influence the water velocity to travel a long distance. If anyone can still remember tsunami which left thousands of people injured, thousands missing and hundreds of thousands homeless in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
How did tsunami started, geologists has explained that the sea water moves back to centre of the sea, apparently people seeing the open space and went deeper to the sea. Sea water comes at high speed, hot and hit everything on that area. It is possible that fish may fly from a long distance because of wing speed and someone who does not know of what is going on will say fishes are falling from the sky.#smed12.

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