Friday, March 9, 2012

What’s great a disappointment?

I was looking for better job, so I bought a newspaper for purposes of checking career times. I have seen vacancies for fire fighters and requirements were only grade 12, SA identity document. I attempt to apply and fortunately I was shortlisted for the interview and attended.
After the interview we were told that a physically fitness test will be conducted and specific dates were also given and venue, Langa fire Station. I have managed to do and passed all the activities that we were expected to accomplish in order to qualify for the job. Those who passed were told to wait for their phone calls next week and I was among them.
By then I was working as shelve packer at Shoprite stores, I told myself now I have a job. I decided to resign before receiving a phone call. On that phone call week, I did n’t want anyone to disturb me over the phone because, I was waiting for a very important phone call. As from Monday to Friday waiting for the phone call, receive no phone call. The following week I did not what to do, because I had a fear to go and ask why they did’t call me. I thought what if I see the guys that we were together being employed, maybe I did make it but how. I was really confused. After I had stressed and lose also weight. I was completely wrong, till today I really hate fire fighters.#smed12

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