Thursday, March 8, 2012

The greatest pain in life.

I was 21 years old doing grade 10 in Eastern Cape Province, 1996. To me by then everything was new in the sense that, I had a new relationship and new at high school level. I was so impressed to such an extent that my relationship was known even by my parents, sisters as well friends. After two years in this hot relationship at that time I was in grade 12, by June month I went to East London for school holiday.

While I was in holiday my love was even worse through letter communication system which by then was very effectively, reliable and efficiently. Back at school after the holiday is over. In October month I was busy preparing the exams for the final and my girlfriend was aware although she was in grade 11. Just one before I write the first paper, I have seen her busy kissing the guy that I could not even think of him. I just collapse, I wanted to give up. When I confronted her she felt like oh sorry, sorry. #smed12.


Keith Edwards said...

I am so sorry that you have had to endure such pain. I hope that you have found love in different ways that are fulfilling your life.

freshlysqueezed said...

I am that was the greatest pain in your life!