Thursday, March 8, 2012

What is the colour of the wind?

I remember when I was still young, I thought the colour of the wind is blue. I could not even differentiate between wind and air. But when I started at school its when I realised that the wind does not have colour, taste, smell, cannot be seen. Its also when I realised that there is different between the two.
Wind is characterised by storms, earthquakes, noise,etc. Indeed wind have got power, miracles, does do live things. The power of wind is blowing forcefully, damaging everything on earth. Wind causes a destruction of nature which resulted to dead of the people.
Wind have got a sound, which causes fears and unhappiness. There are barriers no to stop the wind, the wind comes in different directions and is named according to its direction. We have northerly wind, easterly wind, westerly wind, southerly wind. The wind sometimes is hot, which causes a lack of interest to everything we call that as Berg wind, is very dangerous more especial to people who are working outside.#smed12

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