Thursday, March 22, 2012

We are what we do The Africa National Congress is a national liberation movement. It was formed in 1912to unite the African people and organize the struggle for basic political, social and economic change. For ten decades the ANC has led the struggle against racism and oppression, organising mass resistance, mobilising the international community and taking up the armed struggle against apartheid. The ANC achieved a significant democratic breakthrough in the 1994 elections, where it was given a firm mandate to negotiate a new democratic Constitution for South Africa. The new Constitution was adopted in 1996. The ANC was re elected in 1999 to national and provincial government with a greater than before mandate. The policies of the ANC are determined by its membership and its leadership is held responsible to the membership. Membership of the ANC is open to all South Africans above the age of 18 years, irrespective of race, colour and creed, who accept its principles, policies and programmes. The ANC`s key objective is the creation of a united, non racial, non sexist and democratic society. This means the liberation of Africans in particular and black people in general from political and economic oppression. It means inspiring the quality of life of all South Africans, especially the poor. The struggle to achieve this objective is called the National Democratic Revolution. #smed12.

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