Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Neccesity of career guidance at shool level

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Career guidance refers to services and activities intended to assist individuals, of any age and at any point during their lives, to make educational, training and professional choices and to manage their careers. Such services may be found in schools, universities and colleges, in training institutions, in public employment services, in the workplace, in the voluntary or community sector and in the private sector. Huge numbers of learners are not able to pursue their studies at institutions of higher learning due to lack of career guidance at schools. Proper career guidance would have aided many of these students with early applications at universities or further education and training colleges, selection of career paths at an early stage, and with more career choices other than enrolling at these institutions. Apparently learners are getting confused at tertiary institution or colleges not knowing what field of study to select, what are relevant subject for such field of study, and where will be employment opportunities thereafter. When it comes to selection of the course learners follow each other, friends, sisters, brothers, or celebrities and in the middle of course they start to realised of doing the wrong choices. The lack of career guidance may also have negative impact to institutions or colleges, because these institutions may not generate the good quality graduates on the specific field due to the lack of guidance in the field of study, and this weakened these institutions or colleges. Many matriculates wishes to further their education, but do not have money to continue, to prove that career guidance is lacking how many of these learners know the existence of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. In order to achieve this, government should be establish career centres that will cater for schools in the specific regions. South Africa’s educational system should prepare the learners at least from Grade 10 onwards when it comes to selection career paths. In order to accomplish this, the schools should offer career guidance at the beginning of every year or include it in the curriculum. This will allow learners to choose subjects that are in line with their future plans. In addition, career guidance could go a long way in giving the learners the confidence to decide where they want to be in future. Life Orientation teachers should take up the duty of career guidance.

Monday, July 30, 2012

To be greed

I have got a friend of mine who is always having money problems, whenever he goes to Eastern Cape is always looking to get people to pay him although is not a taxi driver. One day he had lifted the wrong people and realized late, but he did not have option but face consequences. He is driving a Polo vivo 1.6 model; he got four guys from Worcester engine garage who according to them were going to Eastern Cape, he took them of course. They paid him R500.00 in each were going to Umtata. According to him they have travelling bags on them; he did not check what was inside. Five kilometres before they reached Cradock, there was a Police and traffic road blog and all cars were being searched. While he was near to approach the searching point, all four guys just disappeared as if they are urinating. It’s when he started to realized that there is something wrong, but it was too late. Police and traffic search the car and found all bags full with drugs. He collapsed on the spot and was arrested for being in possession of drugs with weight 1.5 millions. He was sentenced to 15 years in jail. This is the lesson to others who are doing this as well, no strangers in your private car, how many people are getting in trouble with similar incidents.

Are we caring?

Observing the youth in our society the way they behave, it’s really give me some questions. However people should enjoy themselves but in a certain standard. The currently youth is having a habit of enjoying themselves by drinking alcohol is an abusive manner, which tend to have its bad consequences. This is a pattern that is adopted in all areas. What I am afraid of is that, are these people uses contraception? I do not think so because ladies are getting pregnancy time again, some of them have dropouts at school. Is South African youth willing to accept change or we have dominated by traditional beliefs which may be makes it very difficult to change our minds sets? There is a prescribed dressing code for woman, whereby a woman is not supposed to display her private parts in public. This is commonly wearing outfit which I think it is intended to attract man feelings. There are societal norms that guide us and we need adhere with, the very same people need to respond social changes. To have children’s in different woman is not a proud anymore now instead is death but people still have practising this kind of behaviour.

Whistle blowing

I think UDM leader Bantu Holomisa has done his research perfectly; this makes him to be out of the ANC or otherwise he should be dead by now like SACP leader Criss Hani. At looking for what was basically raising, it was the truth although he was regarded as he used the wrong platform. Since there were a commission that was set for truth and reconciliation after 1994, so everyone who served in government was expected to declare any illegal dealing or bribery that has happened, but people like Stella Sigcawu who receive briberies from Saul Kezerner could not come forward to the commission to declare their conduct. This has forced Bantu Holomisa to publicly make an announcement and has resulted to his dismissal. While he is leading UDM he made a made a public statement and use it as election campaign “Arrests arms deal crooks”. At that time public were not aware about arms deal saga. In other words he warns the public that there is something suspicious which might come out very soon. I mean we might have corruption but we need people who are very reliable to tell the public the truth. We need people to be firm only to stand for the truth.

Information Secrecy Bill

We were under oppression for several years, our brothers and sisters have fought for domination of whites throughout all spheres until South Africa became a democratic country. Most freedom fighters have sacrifices for their life to challenge apartheid policies and demand their equal right with white people. They were many activist groups who fought for the freedom in South Africa thinking that this freedom would be shared among people. What is happening today is not what initial intended was, the same activist party (ANC) that fought during the struggle for liberation of South African is reversing the same policies again. African National Congress was intended to be the voice of black people for their liberation. ANC government officials have been time again being implicated with fraud and corruption, it’s like they want to protect themselves and this is precisely hollowing the reputation of the organisation in its best as liberation movement. Those late comrades would be very surprises to see the same ANC introducing the same bill that restricts the public voices and media reporting. Our democracy is in danger to such and extend that this bill would restricts information to public, the public is aware now of mismanagement in government. The public use media as a platform to send their message to government. This would be a disgrace policy in the South African context. South African has excised their right although is not absolute right but still subjected to limitation and restrictions, why should the ANC put more restrictions. Did whom do you want cover.

Traffic corps crooks

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At my early stages I was already able to drive motor car as well as trucks. Since my uncle was having cars and trucks, he learns me a lot about driving and that assisted me as well. Although I did not have time to do driver’s licence while I was in Eastern Cape, on my arrival to Cape Town in search of job opportunities I realized that my uncle has helped me. I find it very difficult here at Western Cape to get job, i have decided to do driver’s licence since there were opportunities at South African Police Services with needed only grade 12 and driver’s licence. I went on to make learner’s licence application and I receive a very close date to pass it. After I have passed my learner’s licence, in the same day I have made appointment for driver’s licence test and i get a very long date which would take six months to pass. In the same day I was approached by a traffic officer who convinced me to pay him R1500.00 in order to get a very closest date. Since I was not working I did not have such amount although I was willing to pay, I have got no choice but to wait for my date. I went to driving school just to do some few lessons, I was charged about R60.00 an hour and I was again advice by driving school instructor to pay about R3000.00 in order to get my licence in two weeks time. This guy told me that he can see that I can drive, but here it’s not easy to pass if you didn’t bribe. I was very furious, asking me question that I can’t even answer, why should be driver’s licence be official smuggle if that is the case. Where I am going to get such amount of money while I am not working.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read” (Frank Zappa) – Comment

I think for my point of view, rock journalism should be people who are very good in journalism; a kind of person who in natural birth is having all those features that journalist should have, beside the qualification on the profession. Like most kind of these people you will get them at SABC morning live presenters Vuyo Mbuli, Xolani Gwala, Vuyo Mvoko, and others from Super sport on sport journalism Robert Marawa etc. and other broadcasting radio stations. I would say these journalists are rocking. They make journalism very interesting. Since I get expose to media I never see a kind of journalist who is boring, who ask stupid questions or who can’t talk, Journalist are always proactive. Even local presenters they engage local communities on relevant issues, like crime, HIV/AIDS, poverty and alleviation. In other words it’s a kind of holding government accountable about challenges are faced by our society. Most journalist programs keep on interviewing government representative such as ministers, director generals and etc. Journalist keep public informed about what is happening and where, how, why, what. Journalism reporting is for the public interest only.

List your top 200 achievements.

In 1998 I have been Matriculated in Tyali senior secondary school, to me it was great achievement because most people that I have been with at school could not succeed. I have worked for a community project as supervisor under Amatola district councilor in Eastern Cape. I contributed a lot to the implementation of the project without work experience. I was responsible for hiring of staff, assessment of their work performance in terms of competence. There were also tribal politics as well but under those conditions the project has continued. In 2000 I was hired by department of Correctional Services and attended their training in Koonstad, achieved National Certificate in Correctional Science. I 2004 I have decided to buy me a car which I bought it, a Toyota Tazz and I am still driving it today. In 2005 I feel like to own a property and I was under pressure to have a house because my brothers and sisters wanted to be in Cape Town, I bought a house. In 2006 felt like I was tired of having different ladies while there are disease that destroys our people like HIV/AIDS. I have honored myself with the one that have stolen my heart and I married her. I had the first lady. In 2009 we were gifted by daughter by name Mihle. In 2008 I have decided to further my studies at least to have degree; I have registered at Cape Peninsula University of Technology for Public Relations Management, then 2011 I have achieve my dreams and I was being enrolled by Cape Peninsula University of Technology with National Diploma in Public Relations Management. I am still looking forward to get a degree.

What motivates me?

During my early stages I used to listen to Reggie music, the likes of Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Culture and etc. This kind of music has started to have a positive influence to my life. I have discovered that this music carries a message sometimes direct or indirect. Most of these artist songs were about freedom in Africa, I get engaged to debate to other people as well challenging current issues in South Africa. I even went over to read political activist biography story that were fighting discrimination across the world. I had one role model Martin Luther King who was the rebellion priest. He was having a spirit of nationalism and patriotic about Africa. He had delivered his speech about South Africa, “I understand that there are South Africans here tonight - some of whom have been involved in the long struggle for freedom there. In our struggle for freedom and justice in the United States, which has also been so long and difficult, we feel a powerful sense of identification with those in the far more deadly struggle for freedom in South Africa. We know how Africans there, and their friends of other races, strove for half a century to win their freedom by non violent methods. We have honored Chief Luthuli for his leadership, and we know how this non violence was only met by increasing violence from the state, increasing repression, conclude in the shootings of Sharpeville and all that has happened since. He made many South Africans feel proud and give them power to fight for the oppression. He inspired many African leaders.

Write 10 most unexpected consequences of being online

Many wonders and surprises are as follows: •Facebook seeing old school friends, colleagues, ex girl friends, enemies, etc •Shopping online which is the most interesting in these days •Personal banking online, instead of going queuing to the banks •Chatting with someone online through social networks •Booking tickets for show, flight etc. •Getting a new relationship •Having an informative debate online with people you do not even know. •Share and gain information from different people with different background •Doing research to enquiry more information about a particular aspect. •Getting for more information as fast as possible and it doesn’t take much time to find it.

The elephant in the room

dailymaverick.co.za I think this would be an idiomatic expression, this is not the really elephant we know. Looking at South African politics during the term of Thabo Mbeki and his removal as the president. The ANC tripatite allies thought Zuma would understand the needs of the people better than former President Thabo Mbeki and would preserve the interest of the working class first. This agaenda was even curried and supported by ANCYL president Julius Malema during the campaign.
Just hours after Polokwane when Zuma became the president things were not as expected by labour federation Cosatu and SACP. President Jacob Zuma was expected first to fulfull the interest of labour unions, that was the initial agreenment. Therefore labour federation were pushing their agenda and hoping President Zuma would work hand in hand to support them to achieve their goals. But President Gedleyihlekisa Zuma have push unionists leaders away after he has climb up the moutain, disappointing federation leaders who thought they were the champions of the working class. President Zuma has also shows no remorse to the expelled former youth league President Julius Malema. Looking at Zuma before he became a president, he was really giving hopes to many people besides federation unions, most people felt that former President Mbeki should not stand a third term and only Zuma was giving the hopes. People percieve him as the person who would understand better what the people want and taking into account where he original comes from. But he just an elephant in the presidency.