Monday, July 30, 2012

Whistle blowing,
I think UDM leader Bantu Holomisa has done his research perfectly; this makes him to be out of the ANC or otherwise he should be dead by now like SACP leader Criss Hani. At looking for what was basically raising, it was the truth although he was regarded as he used the wrong platform. Since there were a commission that was set for truth and reconciliation after 1994, so everyone who served in government was expected to declare any illegal dealing or bribery that has happened, but people like Stella Sigcawu who receive briberies from Saul Kezerner could not come forward to the commission to declare their conduct. This has forced Bantu Holomisa to publicly make an announcement and has resulted to his dismissal. While he is leading UDM he made a made a public statement and use it as election campaign “Arrests arms deal crooks”. At that time public were not aware about arms deal saga. In other words he warns the public that there is something suspicious which might come out very soon. I mean we might have corruption but we need people who are very reliable to tell the public the truth. We need people to be firm only to stand for the truth.

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