Monday, July 30, 2012

To be greed
I have got a friend of mine who is always having money problems, whenever he goes to Eastern Cape is always looking to get people to pay him although is not a taxi driver. One day he had lifted the wrong people and realized late, but he did not have option but face consequences. He is driving a Polo vivo 1.6 model; he got four guys from Worcester engine garage who according to them were going to Eastern Cape, he took them of course. They paid him R500.00 in each were going to Umtata. According to him they have travelling bags on them; he did not check what was inside. Five kilometres before they reached Cradock, there was a Police and traffic road blog and all cars were being searched. While he was near to approach the searching point, all four guys just disappeared as if they are urinating. It’s when he started to realized that there is something wrong, but it was too late. Police and traffic search the car and found all bags full with drugs. He collapsed on the spot and was arrested for being in possession of drugs with weight 1.5 millions. He was sentenced to 15 years in jail. This is the lesson to others who are doing this as well, no strangers in your private car, how many people are getting in trouble with similar incidents.

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