Monday, July 30, 2012

Traffic corps crooks,
At my early stages I was already able to drive motor car as well as trucks. Since my uncle was having cars and trucks, he learns me a lot about driving and that assisted me as well. Although I did not have time to do driver’s licence while I was in Eastern Cape, on my arrival to Cape Town in search of job opportunities I realized that my uncle has helped me. I find it very difficult here at Western Cape to get job, i have decided to do driver’s licence since there were opportunities at South African Police Services with needed only grade 12 and driver’s licence. I went on to make learner’s licence application and I receive a very close date to pass it. After I have passed my learner’s licence, in the same day I have made appointment for driver’s licence test and i get a very long date which would take six months to pass. In the same day I was approached by a traffic officer who convinced me to pay him R1500.00 in order to get a very closest date. Since I was not working I did not have such amount although I was willing to pay, I have got no choice but to wait for my date. I went to driving school just to do some few lessons, I was charged about R60.00 an hour and I was again advice by driving school instructor to pay about R3000.00 in order to get my licence in two weeks time. This guy told me that he can see that I can drive, but here it’s not easy to pass if you didn’t bribe. I was very furious, asking me question that I can’t even answer, why should be driver’s licence be official smuggle if that is the case. Where I am going to get such amount of money while I am not working.

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