Monday, July 30, 2012

Information Secrecy Bill,
We were under oppression for several years, our brothers and sisters have fought for domination of whites throughout all spheres until South Africa became a democratic country. Most freedom fighters have sacrifices for their life to challenge apartheid policies and demand their equal right with white people. They were many activist groups who fought for the freedom in South Africa thinking that this freedom would be shared among people. What is happening today is not what initial intended was, the same activist party (ANC) that fought during the struggle for liberation of South African is reversing the same policies again. African National Congress was intended to be the voice of black people for their liberation. ANC government officials have been time again being implicated with fraud and corruption, it’s like they want to protect themselves and this is precisely hollowing the reputation of the organisation in its best as liberation movement. Those late comrades would be very surprises to see the same ANC introducing the same bill that restricts the public voices and media reporting. Our democracy is in danger to such and extend that this bill would restricts information to public, the public is aware now of mismanagement in government. The public use media as a platform to send their message to government. This would be a disgrace policy in the South African context. South African has excised their right although is not absolute right but still subjected to limitation and restrictions, why should the ANC put more restrictions. Did whom do you want cover.

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