Monday, July 30, 2012

Are we caring?,,
Observing the youth in our society the way they behave, it’s really give me some questions. However people should enjoy themselves but in a certain standard. The currently youth is having a habit of enjoying themselves by drinking alcohol is an abusive manner, which tend to have its bad consequences. This is a pattern that is adopted in all areas. What I am afraid of is that, are these people uses contraception? I do not think so because ladies are getting pregnancy time again, some of them have dropouts at school. Is South African youth willing to accept change or we have dominated by traditional beliefs which may be makes it very difficult to change our minds sets? There is a prescribed dressing code for woman, whereby a woman is not supposed to display her private parts in public. This is commonly wearing outfit which I think it is intended to attract man feelings. There are societal norms that guide us and we need adhere with, the very same people need to respond social changes. To have children’s in different woman is not a proud anymore now instead is death but people still have practising this kind of behaviour.

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