Monday, July 16, 2012

What motivates me?
During my early stages I used to listen to Reggie music, the likes of Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Culture and etc. This kind of music has started to have a positive influence to my life. I have discovered that this music carries a message sometimes direct or indirect. Most of these artist songs were about freedom in Africa, I get engaged to debate to other people as well challenging current issues in South Africa. I even went over to read political activist biography story that were fighting discrimination across the world. I had one role model Martin Luther King who was the rebellion priest. He was having a spirit of nationalism and patriotic about Africa. He had delivered his speech about South Africa, “I understand that there are South Africans here tonight - some of whom have been involved in the long struggle for freedom there. In our struggle for freedom and justice in the United States, which has also been so long and difficult, we feel a powerful sense of identification with those in the far more deadly struggle for freedom in South Africa. We know how Africans there, and their friends of other races, strove for half a century to win their freedom by non violent methods. We have honored Chief Luthuli for his leadership, and we know how this non violence was only met by increasing violence from the state, increasing repression, conclude in the shootings of Sharpeville and all that has happened since. He made many South Africans feel proud and give them power to fight for the oppression. He inspired many African leaders.

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