Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Just one day after national celebrations of former president Nelson Mandela’s birthday. Two Anglican Church youth members jetted on Friday 19, 2013 to France joining other African Anglican Church members. Siyabonga Landingwe who is 20 stays from Khayelitsha together with Julie Fouire, 18 from Durbanville both Cape Town were among African Anglican Church members who were nominated to take a three months tour to Lyon in France. According to Chuma, an Anglican Church member who also visited the same place last year, on their arrival to France they will be welcomed at Taize is an Ecumenical community of Monks from different religions and there are almost 100 brothers who stay in the hill of Taize. They will be referred to as permanents short for permanent volunteers. They will be doing working ministry and that means assisting with the day to day activities, chores and leading groups of weekly visitors, they will present workshops on Africa with other African volunteers, will participate in bible introduction, workshops on poverty alleviation at an international level, deepen spirituality. But the core thing will be partaking in the three daily prayers of the community as life in the community is centered around spirituality and the pilgrimage of trust in the world. Written by Zukile Hempe

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Since the handing over of former DA leader Tony Leon succeeded by former journalist DA leader Hellen Zille in March, 2009. This has influenced and poses a threat to superficial vast leading political organization African National Congress. DA Zille has been remarkable by re branding of DA old logo to adapt the new logo; this action was regarded as political transition from old apartheid era system to democratic system. As DA leader Zille is seeking to regain the party political prestige and sustainability to the South Africa’s political arena. This has been seen by critical positions held by black people to the organization which was not happening before, leaders such as DA parliamentary representative Lindiwe Mazibuko and others. Looking at this move again since after 1994 in the Western Cape province, whereby DA has for the first time to administer solely the province both national and local government. One might argue that the provincial ANC infighting again has given DA a great advantage to gain more support in the province. This has been shown` by ANC losing several wards councilors in the black town townships where an organization has got its strong hold. Poor service delivery in the province, which has forced ANC supporters to held protest against to the government of their choice. Proposed e-tolling by ANC government in Gauteng has caused disadvantages to its government, as trade unions supported by opposition parties including DA held protests against proposed e-toll. The final blow which I think will hamper ANC and change completely SA political landscape, the fact that King Dalindlyebo has joined DA, where in the history of South African politics whereby kings or chiefs be aligned or associated with what were so called white political organisations, it is first time DA joined by kings. Written by Zukile Hempe.


Since President Jacob Zuma has publicly release statement, ANC will govern until Jesus comes! March, 2012. Seemingly his statement has contributed a lot to intensify factionalism within an organisation. During 52nd national conference of the African National Congress in Polokwane December 2007, factionalism for leadership positions were accentuated. The 52nd national conference of the ANC has brought the aftermath of the newly formed opposition political party, COPE in 2008 by former ANC members Mosua Lekota as well as Mbazima Shilowa. The situation was even worse as the infighting within an organisation was inevitable; hence former President Thabo Mbeki was being recalled as the state of the nation. Recently, condition is frighteningly, this is followed by newly formed breakaway opposition party from the ANC launched by former ANC activist Dr. Rampela Mamphela (Agang agang). While South African citizens were still in shock, Cuptas family private jet unauthorised landing to Waterkloorf Air force base was making headlines. The landing of the flight was one the controversial issues which were aligned to the President Zuma corruption activities, due to the very closeness relationship with the Cuptas family. President Zuma was fiercely opposed by society, political organisations, trade unions as well as NGO’s for facilitating private jet landing without proper arrangements with SARS custom officials. Just few days back, former expelled ANCYL President Julius Malema together with ex-ANC member Floyd Shivamba as well businessman Kenny Kunene established a new political party. Lately, reshuffling of the under performing ministers which also raises many questions, since in the middle of the last year 2012 continually reports about dumped books and late delivery at school especially in Limpopo province and other provinces. The question that is being held by people, what criteria is used to determine or evaluate underperforming ministers if basic minister of education Angie Motsekga is still held her office as minister. Some people might have concerned that since she held a critical position as president of ANCWL, therefore she may be used to secure votes for ANC to upcoming general elections. I mean looking at all these alarming situations, which I think at end of the day they might have a negative impact towards lowering the reputation of ANC as a massive majority organisation. These concerns might also hamper the image as well as identity of the ANC as an organisation. The question that South Africans should asks, Can President Zuma repeats his statement? Written by Zukile Hempe