Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Since the handing over of former DA leader Tony Leon succeeded by former journalist DA leader Hellen Zille in March, 2009. This has influenced and poses a threat to superficial vast leading political organization African National Congress. DA Zille has been remarkable by re branding of DA old logo to adapt the new logo; this action was regarded as political transition from old apartheid era system to democratic system. As DA leader Zille is seeking to regain the party political prestige and sustainability to the South Africa’s political arena. This has been seen by critical positions held by black people to the organization which was not happening before, leaders such as DA parliamentary representative Lindiwe Mazibuko and others. Looking at this move again since after 1994 in the Western Cape province, whereby DA has for the first time to administer solely the province both national and local government. One might argue that the provincial ANC infighting again has given DA a great advantage to gain more support in the province. This has been shown` by ANC losing several wards councilors in the black town townships where an organization has got its strong hold. Poor service delivery in the province, which has forced ANC supporters to held protest against to the government of their choice. Proposed e-tolling by ANC government in Gauteng has caused disadvantages to its government, as trade unions supported by opposition parties including DA held protests against proposed e-toll. The final blow which I think will hamper ANC and change completely SA political landscape, the fact that King Dalindlyebo has joined DA, where in the history of South African politics whereby kings or chiefs be aligned or associated with what were so called white political organisations, it is first time DA joined by kings. Written by Zukile Hempe.

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