Wednesday, March 14, 2012

South Africa is a diverse culture

We need to remind each when it comes to cultures, There is a tendency of undermining other people‘s cultures. Actually this is commonly used by Xhosa speaking here in the Western Cape. I am also a Xhosa guy but I have observed this happening in many areas and sometimes people will end up fighting. Truly speaking the Xhosa guy has a problem when it comes to circumcision, a process of being a man according to the culture.
This kind of behaviour undermines other ethnic group who does not go or do this culture, as the results Xhosa’s are calling other ethnic groups as boys, inkwenkwe. They do not respect the fact that it’s not their culture. This is happening even at work places where they call young managers as boys, we cannot be manager by boys. At some stage this affects the careers, people being face disciplinary procedures for disrespecting other people cultures; others are serving long sentences in prisons.
I do not know whether this is the way to respect this culture or people feel like they are very strong enough than others. I feel like we as Xhosa’s we tend to more stereotyped.#smed12.

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