Friday, April 20, 2012

The law must protect us against dictators,
The tax industry is taking the law in their own hands; I was very surprised with the incident that happened in Bloemfontein just few months back where a taxi driver was being caught by CCTV footage knocking a pedestrian walking on the pavement. What is worse the driver got out of taxi and continued to kick the pedestrian, it was unkindness of the top order. Now tell me how many similar incidents does happening without CCTV footage, this is absolute brutality by tax industry. I believe the Police will bring the perpetrator before court of law and I also believe that justice system will more hash to give a lesson to others as well. The similar incidence happened where a lady who was worn a mini skirt was being sexually harassed in the tax rank. I think government should provide customer service workshops for the taxi industry because they do not treat passengers like their customers, and the industry is more religious, stereotypes as well and illiteracy. Government should make provision so that taxi drivers and owners should be aware that passengers are their main target audience. #smed12

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