Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Corporate communication strategy research findings

Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) is a trade union movement in South Africa operating within the South African Police Service (SAPS), the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) and the Traffic component. POPCRU represents more than hundred and forty thousand Police, Correctional and Traffic Officials. Research methodology and data collection The research was conducted using mainly quantitative interviews to explore and gather information to be able to answer the research questions. The data for this audit was obtained through the following: Informal interviews with employees Questionnaires for employees As well as observations among employees Informal interviews Irrelevant information send by POPCRU to employees Employees has shown that they are not really interested with the ANC political issues, they want to see POPCRU continually engaging with their employer for the interest of employees on Health related issues, such as HIV/AIDS, TB diseases as prison environment is not conducive at all. Employees would appreciate at least to read emails from their union that sends condolences to the families of their colleagues who dies on their line of duty, instead of communicating about the leadership structures of the ANC. Conclusion The study has indicated that POPCRU uses emails communication pattern as key tool and a powerful strategy to correspond with its stakeholders. According to the questionnaires from study, employees has confirmed that there is a need to improve communication and effective communication should be placed at centre hence it links both an organisation and its stakeholders. The study has shows that, there is lack of regular communication between an organization and its stakeholders with current issues. Most employees has shown that the union need to respond to currently new technology communication methods, as this put an organisation under pressure to act as soon as possible to criticisms against organisation’s identity. However, the study has explored that, among POPCRU members are still some employees who show their loyalty towards an organisation, either because of their long relationship with an organization or either it is both their policies and servings that forces them to be keen to an organisation to keep their relationship alive. Another issue that has been discovered from the study, some employees feels like an organisation should use the traditional communication methods, these employees believe that it is best communication method because it is reliable, accurate and truthful. Recommendations POPCRU will need to responds to the new communication methods, as employees already indicated that they want change. This will help an organisation to strengthen a relationship with its stakeholders I will also recommend that an organisation still need to continue use its traditional communication methods as this is a verified method for reliability, accuracy and truthfulness. I will advice an organisation to continually engage with its stakeholders using meetings, as this is a platform whereby employees have a chance to pose questions to the union leadership; a response is expected as soon as possible. POPCRU should make sure that relevant information is communicated in the sense that, it should be valued to the employees. Trade unions should preserve employees’ interest, not to pursue political agenda.

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