Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Part of the Furniture

21 years old. That was the age of Tony Nathen when he began at SACD 30 years ago. He started off at SACD as a forklift driver in 1982. Later he was promoted to container inspector, and then again to a release and dispatch Clark. He was then promoted to supervisor where he currently resides. The highlight of Tony’s 30 years was when the company moved premise from Montague Gardens to the harbour. In the 80’s when jobs were scarce the company had to retrench many of their employees. Tony say’s that he is so grateful that he survived. Tony has experienced so much with SACD in his 30 years, especially in terms of ownership. He has seen the company move from Freight services, to Rennies, and now as part of the Bidvest group. “I have experienced SACD move through the ages” say’s Tony. “When I started everything was done by hand, nothing was computerised and technology was nowhere near as advanced as it is today. The changes have been huge in terms of equipment and forklifts, yet they were all so exciting and I am honoured to

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