Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A message from my boss

Already we are 2 months into the New Year. Times are still tough with Exports struggling against the strong Rand and crisis in the main market place, being Europe. Our Imports on the other hand are cooking. Revenue Growth is our main focus point at the moment with targets being established for our sales team. On that note we have decided to increase the team by 1 in an effort to increase revenue as well as explore new markets. The team however will have to be assisted in all aspects of the operations as it does not make sense establishing new markets while losing existing ones. Service levels are still imperative this year and it is here that communication and establishing relationships play a vital role. As part of our drive to establishing new markets we have fitted an innovative weighing device to our full handler, there is a need in the industry to have containers weights checked before going to stack and this new device takes the place of the traditional weighbridge, well done to Mike Torrance for his perseverance in this matter, as we have already seen an increase in full yard customers.

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