Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Somalia’s are taking over
Our people should stop to complain about foreigners that are taking work, ladies, as well business. We as South Africans are not good in business. We do not have business initiative ideas. Our minds are still looking at employment opportunities not to take business initiatives. Most South Africans at university levels are studying courses that would be looking at getting employment. But looking at foreigners, most of them do business entrepreneurs, small business to start their initiative. To prove that foreigners are very good in business, Cape Town’s black townships shops are being occupied by Somalia’s. They are taking over to the people who had these businesses for more than ten years. Our people are renting out their business to Somalis to make money for them. The whole townships in the province is about to change to be Somalis business industries. On the other side, people are complaining these foreigners are taking over. We do not have business tolerance.

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