Friday, November 2, 2012

Public Relations forum 2012

As part of our task, we had a forum which was looking at addressing challenges faced by part time students. It was more inspiring programme listening to different guests speakers from various fields of study sharing their personal experience during their part time class. I mean as a student or anyone who wish to further his/her studies this was really a motivational seminar. As people have different problems, it gives an opportunity to be able to measure yourself to those people. I mean you got a chance to know that even other people got problems, it’s not only you. Most guest speakers have attained and achieve their qualifications while they were working. I have learned from the forum that, as person you need to learn in a hard way in order to succeed. I hope and believed that those who attended the forum have benefited as the programme was very informative and encouraging. I also believe that the form has added value to the Public Relations as its activity and other students have understand the practical guide of a forum as part of communication tool.

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