Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The government should regulate the private legal representative
The government should intervene to protect its citizens to the practice of private lawyers. What I have observed is that, private laws do not have a standard fee, the lawyers just charge its client depending on the outlook or the business conduct or job the client is performing. Unlike doctors where someone may even ask someone else the consultation fees. In this field criminal law, lawyers do not have a standard fee. The fee will be determined by the standard of work or business conduct. Since my job involves attending courts, I have observed this kind of habit, seeing lawyer asking big amounts of money. On top of that, the lawyer has other clients as well, when the lawyer postponed the case for the next court date, the lawyer expect his/her client to pay such day but the lawyer has postponed the case due the fact that he/ she is going to attend another matter, isn’t cruelty. Why the client pay but the lawyer had postponed the matter himself. I feel like this needs government to take into consideration. Our people are being overcharged and punished for not being the lawyers.

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