Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am an African

This topic reminds former ANC leader and former state of the nation President Thabo Mbeki. I will always think of him as a preferred candidate, who have left unforgetten legacy which includes NEPAD, African renaincence, African leadership school and etc. I rememder him when he said that, Africa needs to open a leadership school whereby identified future leaders would be referred to the academy to be developed and attain leadership skills. The aim of the leadership school was to create platforms for dialogue to promote the birth of a continental movement driven by a new cadre of thought leaders committed to Africa’s political, social and economic regeneration. This will serve and strive to provide a credible platform to help ensure that the African voice on African issues is heard and respected both on African as a continent and elsewhere in the world. Former President Mbeki had the strong vision for the continent as a whole, it was not only about South Africa. I am an African, I salute !!!!!!!.

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