Saturday, October 20, 2012

Watch this space.,
Most people used to say politics is a dirty game, which are full with propaganda. Looking back at the last ANC national conference in Polokwane, the youth league of the ANC together with labour unions was campaigning and supports Zuma for president of the ANC and this has demarcated the movement into two camps, Mbeki camp and Zuma camp. The idea there were pushing has really indeed succeeded, as Zuma today is our President. But along the line, there were some contradiction which led to the expelled Youth league President Julius Malema. By then, expelled youth league President Malema have shocking utterances which even provoked the citizens of this country. Speeches that offended many people which includes, “I will kill for Zuma”, kill the Boers “. These kinds of speech were labeled as they are taking the country back to apartheid era. There were lot of uncalled debates, analyzing the whole issue and ANC was even implicated with racial issues. Today, we are being told that President Zuma is no longer preferred candidate to lead South Africans. It means we must support Montlante as our next the preferred candidate for the job in Mangaung, the history repeats itself. Watch this!!!

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