Saturday, October 20, 2012

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid I have learned that as person is very important to be yourself, rather be bold. Do not rely to other people, do not trust anyone, rather be yourself. Especial when someone is taking personal decision, whereby if the outcomes for your decision could be not on your side, therefore you don’t blame anyone instead yourself. I should think also, this would make you strong, or give more inspirations. In most cases things like these happens between the love couples, once a relationship is not in good terms, people failed to take personal decisions. Later tend to point fingers to others. I think this is a bad habit. Do not seek any advices related to your personal decisions, because the merits might not be same although it is same problem. It might work or either way might not work. It is just like win or loss. Whatever the outcomes of the decision should be accepted. When the decision is not in favour of you, people start to blame others, but when things suit them, they tend to be bold, stay bold as you are, do not summersault.

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