Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why I have conversations?
I like to have discussions especial about specifically political current issues. I think these group discussions are also very important because any individual have an opportunity to express his/her views. This debate helps a lot to gain information or either clarity on certain issues. Recently, the current issue is Marikana crisis. People are testing their understanding and engaged with debates even link the whole issue with ANC politics. It is really interesting when people discuss these issues and align them with recent ANC in fighting. Some people have a view that Marikana mine workers have used all avenues to show their dissatisfaction and they even write a letter to President Zuma. Others have held the view that everyone who was involved in that crisis is caring a percent of being wrong. This is really interesting discussion as people support their statement which makes the debate to be valued and informative. A conversation contributes to encourage people to be active, to follow current issues and

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